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Muhammad Sultan Shah

Sultan Shah is a Karachi, Pakistan based Civil Engineer working for a private firm in Qatar nowadays.He firmly believe that we all must strive for a life full of purpose.He believes in the Ideology and foundations of Pakistan and want each Pakistani to act towards achieving goals and objectives laid at creation of Pakistan. His areas of interests are mainly Ideology of Pakistan, Pakistan and world society, Social behaviors, Literature & Education etc.

Pakistan Idol… Entertainment or a Slap to Ideology? – M.Sultan Shah

By: M.Sultan Shah A very unwanted feeling while I first heard it. When I Saw an add showcasing ‘Pakistan Idol’ with whirling bodies responding to soothing Music, “What the Hell is that?” was my first impression.

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United We Stand, Divided We Fall… – M. Sultan Shah

By: Sultan Shah “If we want to be together and can display Unity in Patches, so why obey theories of conflict???”

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Role of Books in Era of Information Technology! – Muhammad Sultan Shah

By: Mohammad Sultan Shah In this era of infomration storming when almost you can get anything and everything with a fingertouch, debate on importance of books keep itself alive.

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Power of Social Media… A Perspective! – Muhammad Sultan Shah

By: Muhammad Sultan Shah “Social Media is a Mix of Sweet and Sour, becoming stronger every passing day. It can’t be avoided…It’s life!”

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“Glimpses of my feelings on elections, 11th May 2013”   By: Muhammad Sultan Shah Observing this all election mess in Pakistan including Fake slogans and Tragic advertisements from various political parties, I am remembering NAYA QANOON afsana by Saadat Hasan ...

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THOUGHTS! A Kick up to Your EVOLUTION… – Muhammad Sultan Shah

By: Muhammad Sultan Shah As a matter of fact, normally our actions got direct link b/w our thoughts specially while talking ,writing and doing something. Except these, BODY LANGUAGE may be a reflective of our thoughts and mind frame. Apart ...

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