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Anum Syed

Do We Deserve This Type of Humiliation?

By: Anum Syed Bravo La France! et des Francias, Je suis très fier de vous. c,est comme ca que ont a lutter pour avoir notre droit social. Pour protager,votre droit c’est tres important du lutter contre la fascism pour votre ...

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It is A True Story: Imagine It is Happening

By: Anum Syed After reading detailed interview of Prof. Ahmed Rafique Akhtar and Ikisveen Sadi Ka Wali, I could not stop, my pen from writing, and my ears from listening, to the sweet whispers of some friends from the neighboring country.

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Is An Efficiency at English or Any Foreign Language, A Criterion To Judge Somebody’s Talents?

By: Anum Syed Wow, wow, wow, are we still suffering with English dilemma, and trying to prove that English is a criterion to judge somebody’s talents??? If that is the case then all the French, German, Greek, Roman, Russian, Japanese ...

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