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For the Sake of Our Children – Tania Ahsan

By: Tania Ahsan

The trilingual medium and multi standard schools that are available for our children cannot claim that they are achieving their goals. Most parents are not happy and children are not enjoying perfect environment.Parents are facing all kinds of problems from language barrier and expenses to social environment and values. No one is happy because, the schools have lost the cause of their existence. Whatever today we can see in Pakistan is only the face of a 4% or 5% of the total population. The face of the fortunate who have been able to establish themselves in the society. After all a gang of thieves also gets a standing and a ground to play on. And no sane person can claim that all who are economically successful and socially established have reached this status by their hard work.

May be Emotional cribbing is not the solution of the problem. We should try and solve the problem at least once before accepting defeat from the education system which is actually devoid of education. And in the eyes of this humble servant, the education system has been the cause of the total destruction and manipulation of our society.
The usual trend in all Pakistani schools are to have a long and lengthy syllabus to finish memorizing in a year. The year time of a grade is given to children for memorizing to be able to answer questions in exams. This is impossible for children in 9 months of academic time and 3 months of holidays. The adults who think that children should be able to memorize everything in that time are insane. Don’t they understand that the balance of a life is in doing everything which fulfills human needs? Needs like eating, washing, praying, playing, reading books, fasting in Ramadan, celebrating Eid festivals, learning other skills, spending time with their families so on and on? Do these educationist think that they have conquer the souls of children to infest in them the evil doctrine? Don’t they realize that this task puts children into an ordeal which requires dishonesty and cheating? And when a child does not want to cheat stays behind and becomes a known looser in the eyes of parents as well as the school fellows.

Because of the unrealistic and mindless program children are not gaining any knowledge worth the hard work and no child is acquiring any capability worth the standards of the society.

The system is dishonest and prejudiced, which is giving a place to all children in schools in exchange of money from the parents and offering a gamble to parents who want their children to be the winners. The system is dividing and desolating arrogant from servile and elite from inferior.

Another matter which boils the minds of normal Pakistani parents is that no school cares for a child’s time managing consciousness .The time for prayers or the time for fasting or the time for jumma is never ever considered to be important or even a choice for any child. This is amazing agenda on the menu for the education planners. They dangerously have stepped into the infidel zone.

The whole young generation of Pakistan is facing difficulties in the educational process as a result of this joke that we have created in the name of education system.

It is always advisable to go steady rather to go fast because we are likely to stumble when we try to rush and run to achieve impossible and artificial goals .Under this rush and pressure children learn nothing and don’t get the result worth the hard work they have put in. Children are not guided and counseled to select subjects and languages according to their passion and aptitude. These way children never Excel in any subject or field which is not for them .they instead become mindless followers of the social agenda. The teachers and educators would never care to know the agenda when they themselves are part of the herd. The herd which is being herd by a dangerous shepherd (the west). This PHENOMENON actually is like a pied piper who is herding our children (as mice) towards a river to drown.

The system requires the children to race with each other to get numbers; the process gathers the rote experts who later in practical lives proof exactly what they are capable of, memorizing and nothing else. This exercise leaves behind the scientists the inventors the philosophers the learners and thinkers.

The Darwin’s theory of evolution is about a man and his monkey ancestors, but the conspiracy theory behind Darwin’s theory is to turn a man into a monkey like his ancestors.

The test which our education system offers is of catching the special kind of monkeys to fit into the system of this world which is governed by Darwin s monkeys. When a father tells his children to make the place in this world, may be that is what he means that his children should make themselves into better monkeys.

Our religion has not told us to make the place in Darwin’s monkey world!!! But instead it has commanded us to wake up and change this world into a human civilization. With the divine law, where human tries to fit in with his best human abilities naturally designed in a human. The abilities which are praised by the jurisdiction and constitution of the religion Islam. our religion commands us to spend our lives according to the life and sunnah of our beloved prophet (mohhammad sallallaho alaihi wassallam).

We have completely ignored the learning that children have to do, instead we are worried that how fashionable according to the white race is their syllabus.

The confusion within the system is going to create more confusion and problems until the educationist sit down and decide the syllabus and the system of deliverance of the syllabus. No doubt when it comes to professionalism and commitment, the developed regions of the world and countries are consciously and officially committed to educate their young children in the making.

For the sake of their future they are dedicated and constructive to design what they want them to be.

The reader must be asking that why are they better than us in making and implementing their policies? The answer is that their leaders are very passionate about everything that they have to implement on their subjects in order to achieve their passion, the infrastructural world.

So, that is quite comprehensive that we can design and program the syllabus for our children exactly according to our aim and passion.

At least the leaders of developed countries are doing what they want and unfortunately we are also doing what they want. We want our children to become monkeys!!!

We can see the result of the education system in the past 45 years in the shape of a large amount of people who have become either shameless like young generation today or mindless like middle aged housewives and they have become either penniless like our 80% of population or worthless like our caretakers. We have gathered this assessment of educational policy to be heading nowhere without a certain design and aim.

The height of human grace and achievement is not becoming a data processor in wall street New York or stock market trader in stock exchange or Resource Management Officer in world bank, it is not only acquiring the material world and fame, instead the humanity at its best like our beloved prophet (Mohhammad sallallaho alaihi wassallam) has taught us, is knowing when to pray and when to bow down in front of our creator ALLAH. Feeling the pain of the suffering. Understanding the delicate matters of knowing when to clean and when to eat. Knowing whom to care for and whom to punish. In times of hardship and chaos knowing whom to call and how to behave. Knowing How to establish a civilized society and how to plan a town. Knowing when to go to war and why not to submit to an enemy. Conceiving knowledge in order to learn and realize the vastness of this universe and becoming more human.
In fact all that the world has to offer should be conquered and achieved with the heart and mind that fears ALLAH and loves the prophet. The heart and mind which knows that the hereafter is the place we have to reach and stand in front of the creator. The real show which is going to be, for humanity to receive life time achievement award.

Generally the only thing left of becoming a high level human is being civil in front of a barking mad dog and fight against your instincts to become a barking mad dog.

I believe that the ultimate result is what we really want and the ultimate output is the total of our input. The aim is the real gain of our thought processes. What we want is the real decision.

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