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The Life of Addiction – Tania Ahsan

The Life of Addiction – Tania Ahsan

My 23 year old son tells me to take care of his very expensive designer shirt. Why am I not happy to see that he has indulged in caring for what itself is a care for his body? One day he was making face for having a cup of chocolate milk which was not good enough, he said its local cocoa and not imported. Then one day he said I cannot iron my clothes because I was busy sleeping, and one day he says I can’t take a shower in a hot bath when the shower nozzle is not working fine. I was full of sadness and anger and after so many days of my son’s spoiled behavior I shouted at him and told him to go to Afghanistan and try to live there for a week if he could.

By enlarge the importance of the designer shirt is a product of a mindset. The mindset which is destroying the sense of responsibility in our society .We are human beings who need food, clothing and shelter and when we have all that we want, we still want more and that want comes with the exposure of the world that we live in.

I am certainly not trying to tell people that this is how they should live like , but I am definitely trying to ask for a thought to find out the reality of being obsessed with commodities not for their comfort but for their addiction of commodities . This habit of obsession of worldly gains for the sake of lust and addiction is in front of us in the shape of disastrous economy and disastrous life for a common man.

My maid asked me , if I could give her some money so she can buy 2 or 4 sacks of cement for her house which she and her family have been trying to build for so long . She said I will make a wall around my house so that the astray dogs cannot come to bother my grand children. I said ok and started day dreaming that I received some money from someone and I built a two room house with a boundary wall .I made special arrangements to install gas stove for her to cook food. Geyser for hot water, a heater for her family to be warm. Proper water sanitation for toilet and house, electricity for two ceiling fans and a few bulbs. I planned and asked my maid to come with me to some place. I took her in my car and told her to come out of the car and see this house I have made for her . She looked at it and fainted to see all the facilities she could never imagine in her whole life. She started crying and giving me endless prayers for giving her an OPRAH surprise. I wish I could do that to so many people who are in need of the most important basic life necessities.

Everything which is away from the harmonious balance for human life brings destruction and distortion. This destruction and distortion that we see today has created a huge gap of class and status within the society and it has definitely corrupted the minds of the young generation.

Sarcastically said, things are for you and you are not for the things, is reality. World is for you and you are not for the world, is the truth. To further understand the dilemma of the present environment of present times is to know why we want to do something which has nothing to do with our life and its necessities.

We want to go to a fashion show which is showing us extravagance. We want to go to a party which is requiring us to wear something particular. We want to even go to a scenic place which has the fame to be visited by famous people. Obscene movies and shows of vulgar behavior are not understandable of decency and grace. We want to have an interest on our capital that we spent in our business. We want to buy something’s which we think is going to raise our status. We want to wear less clothes to show off to class conscious society. We want to target modestly dressed muslimahs to make ourselves feel better.

Anything without which human can live is abnormality and anything without which human cannot live is necessity. People certainly can live without vulgarity. People certainly can live without interest. People certainly can live without excessive consumerism; people certainly can live without lust of excessive wealth and fame. People definitely can live without drugs.

When we ask our friends our near and dear once or our fellow countrymen in times of distress to please be patient and have perseverance, It is the time when they have lost something which was a necessary part of their lives. And it was their dear one whom they have lost. But we never pay condolences to a person who has lost a ticket to a vulgar movie , a fashion show , any amount of interest put in his business , misplace of drugs that a person uses and a date of sale passed because he could not buy some things which were designer and famous. So the addiction is something we are in for pleasure. This pleasure is destroying our life and moral. This pleasure is taking us towards destruction and hell. Do we need the pleasure or we should be just fine with the food which gives us health and life.

The pleasure which takes life and honor is addiction and the pleasure which gives us life and honor is necessity.

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