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Education System of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Tania Ahsan

By: Tania Ahsan

The education system for children starts from the early age of 4 and ends at the age of 16.In this primary age children have sound and innocent minds ,which are simply able to grasp and follow what there teacher teaches them. This system completes the responsibility of teachers and the government of giving the child the important education which he should be given as a citizen of the Islamic country. After 16 the child has the option to select his field of aptitude and passion to further specialize in that field .This exercise leads the child to excel in the field he loves and endeavors .

Muslim ummah and Muslim countries and there identities are by far intact what so ever because of the system of the education in those countries , and which is the reason they have not adopted to the secular needs fully by far world standards .The language plays the most important part in setting the standards of the system of education .

What Pakistani society has done is so incredibly stupid and dangerous , that simple people can’t even derive any danger from it. If my dear readers can understand the proverb (misali saqafat) pretension , then they would understand that we are all more or less effected by it . We hide our inside and our feelings and we show off and pretend to be somebody else to fit in the world . As its repercussions our minds have been wasted and destroyed by not being able to have self esteem and self worth, it is not wrongly said that Pakistani society has been destroyed by design. I by ALLAH (subhana wa taallah) belief think that education system is the key to all problems and the best teacher in this world is our prophet Mohhammad sallallaho alaihi wassallam. And I by ALLAH belief that Islam and its teachings are the best education for a human being.

The elders ,the teachers and the leaders of this country have to educate the children of Pakistan to make them conscious and responsible Muslims. They have to design their minds for the good of Muslim ummah and its future in the world and here after.why is it so difficult to understand what we want for our children and our own future .The considerate and futuristic minds should not have any doubts about what is our way and what is our aim by educating our children.

The present scenario of the country’s education system and the society is indeed shouting and crying for help. Unfortunately people don’t analyze and scrutinize the system with open hearts and open minds . The teachers and educators of the present era are inflicted with uncertainty and worldly gains. The efforts seem to cater secular standards or to compete economic taboos. That is ironic that the education system is devastated and carved intentionally to fit into the world which is ever changing. The education system is not the race to catch it,the education system is the race to excel in human power and human discipline indeed. It should be made to raise the power of human mind . It should me made to beautify the human society.

By all means it is understandable that what changed our environment in early 60s is showing its results now in present decades .That was the era which brought the sick mentality of competing with the west in every aspect .

The beauty of our religion Islam is, that it has the power to teach a person true values of the life in the perspective of the worldly scenario. Yes ! Iqbal is our true teacher, who can make us understand that what is going on now and why the race of worldly gain has become so tiring and why is every one telling Muslims specially in Pakistan that we are stupid and naïve and why every one is telling us that Pakistanis have low self-esteem .The proper education system is going to tell our children that Iqbal is the teacher for us .

When we sleep we see dreams in our mother tongue. When we pray to ALLAH we pray in our mother tongue . When we are in a grave trouble or shock we speak in our mother tongue and when we are happy we speak in our mother tongue. What other language is suitable for us to learn and gain knowledge except for our mother tongue..

To gain knowledge is important ,to show off the gain is not. To become a literate human being is important, to show off the literature is not. To become a fully capable and talented of ones abilities is important , but to show off the degree is not .To become a useful person in the society is important , but to show off the resourcefulness is not.
The vicious circle has chained us and now it seems difficult to get out of it.If we have not forgotten our survival., we must remember the survival of our children in the dark ages to come…..

Inshaa ALLAH

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