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Burqa – Tania Ahsan

Burqa – Tania Ahsan

MY BURQA seems to be the only problem coming in between the implication of Islamic sharia. 95 % of simple middle classes and lower middle classes of Pakistani society are ready and anxious to embrace the true values and laws of Islam. They have nothing against Islamic shariah and laws of Islamic life. The 5% of the west infested elite are not ready to embrace Islam in true spirit. That is because; the burqa is stuck in their throats to choke them. That is because, the fashion industry will go down the drain and that is because, the burqa will open the ways for other Islamic laws to come easily into the system.

Burqa is the biggest leap they have to take in their lives because, it changes the social structure of the netted social and economic life style that they have. That is because; they think that they have better values and better modern understanding of the religion Islam.Which they think are the rituals, they have to follow a few times in a year .They don’t follow or don’t want to implicate Islam in their lives because they have better ways to follow, astaghfirrullah ?

No !!! not at all that is because, they are simply deaf and blind.

So much has been said on the matter by so many scholars, but I would like to put it as something different. The elite of this country have come to a corner where they don’t want to open their eyes and accept the truth. The truth of the understanding of Islam by the entire world and the truth of Islam being accepted by the most intelligent and educated westerners. These Pakistani elite are the real haters of burqa and segregation of the genders in our society. It seems as if the dooms day will come when these elite will have to accept burqa in their lives.

My knowledge tells me that the holly revelation came to our beloved prophet MOHHAMMAD SALLALLAHO ALAIHI WASSALLAM , clearly for women to cover themselves to hide their hair and entire personality .It was not like, these women were not wearing any dresses , but they were dressed up in their traditional clothing already , and they were ordered to further exercise more care and modesty to be valued as Muslim women.

What more ethical logic is suitable for stubborn group of people?

Life with health and wealth already offers a lot of joy and pleasure. If you have your loved ones with you and you have all that you need, then what else do you want by being part of the non-Islamic value system and forbidden life style. This attitude is clearly showing the narrow mindset which has lost its vision of the life and the universe.

If the realm of their busy and established lives can’t entertain any change then the rest won’t have to worry for them.
The religious scholars and people who know that how important is the burqa then they should also show it by their actions. The general attitude is that people don’t even dare to go near this topic with anyone, who is someone.
The implication of sharriah on land has important aspects in it one of which is purdah or segregation of the genders or burqa. Unfortunately the elite of any country especially Pakistan have a serious effect on the rest of the country. They must change, or no one will change. The muslins in The Middle Eastern countries and all Islamic countries where there is no sharia law, believe in burqa and are familiar with women covering themselves for Muslim identity.

European and all international Muslims know that burqa is the change that will come after accepting Islam.
It’s a circus for the entire world to see now. When it comes to different levels of Muslims,The straightforward minds have no grey areas in their lives ,and the arrogant minds have no black and white in there lives. The Muslims are trying to be westerners and the western Muslims are trying to be honest Muslims.
How much more clear picture of the arrogance and the adamant behavior of the Pakistani elite we can see then now? The two holy mosques the khana qaba and masjid nabwi are the places of great respect and divinity for all Muslim umma. Where muslins go with their full preparations to be able to offer prayers and do ibadah .All Muslim men and women take with them books and guides to do hajj and ummrah .

Men and women specially buy ahrams and dresses to fulfill the standards and orders of sater and covering in Islam. Out of the entire world in masjidul haram and masjid-e- nabwi, Pakistani women and men seem to adhere to their traditional dresses without the sense of responsibility and shame.

What could be the reason behind this mentality that Pakistanis have in these matters?

Please tell me if a skimpy shalwar suit does justice to the occasion and place? And please tell me what is more important between skimpy shame full attire for ethnic identity or the proper attire for a sacred journey and pilgrimage of a life time?

Yes!! We are infected with falls identity. we are not Muslims, we are Pathan ,Punjabi, Sindhi , Balochi, Muhajir, Kashmiri and so on and on.We have kept the golden treasure, our manual our Quran in the safe, and we are hiding the true value of our lives by pretending to be intellectually bankrupt.

I was told to do beautiful preaching to those who don’t understand. But how can I follow this principle for those who don’t really stand, because they are bowing down for sinister plan.

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