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By: Sundus Mubeen
Sometimes,you have many words to say,
but sometimes,you have nothing to say.
sometimes,having sadness you feel happiness,
but sometimes,having happiness you feel sadness.
sometimes destiny is waiting for you at first step,
but sometimes,you wait for all the life to get destiny.
sometimes,more time is required for making relations,
but sometimes,only one moment can break all the relations.
sometimes,love becomes your life,
but sometimes,you have to pay much for getting this life.


  1. its tooooo much fabulous n mind blowing.wish u all da best nxt n ur well wisher pray for ur success always.myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sonuuuuuuu achy wala:):)

  2. I donot agree with both of you dear respected hamza and imran i think its really bad to say that its nice and good come one man it is fabulous it deserves more than nice and good carry on well done auntie sundus

  3. Excellent wording Nice thought Carry on…

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