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“I slapped myself” – Sana Zainab

By: Sana Zainab

She was holding five bottles of soft drinks in her hand.

 “whats this?” I asked.

“42 rupees, I need one more.” She replied. “I’m not getting it.” I was asking about bottles & she was telling about money.

“The cafe staff pays 7 rupees per bottle… So, for these 5 bottles, they will pay 42 rupees ….. but I  need one more bottle.” She told me with a smile.

I remembered, we usually did n’t return the bottles to cafe staff, & leave them where ever we sit. It might be either our laziness or not importance of 7 rupees which they charge extra for a bottle.

 “Oh my God… I will pay you 7 rupees for that bottle, now leave this search & help me out in making assignment.” I thought her so idiot.

 She smiled, gave them on counter & came with me. We started discussion about the hectic assignment of economics.

 “Yeah” She said when she got another bottle near our bench.

 “Huh.” I did n’t like it that my friend was doing such a stupid thing.

“You know.. pocket money is not enough to buy notes & for fare as well. But it could be managed by these empty bottles.” She explained with a panic smile when she saw my frowned face, tears could be seen in  her sparkling eyes.

I was shocked, I spent much money on many stupid things… in buying too many nail polishes, perfumes, mobile cards, parlour,  matching accessories, dressing, fast food, cd’s. But I could neither imagine the value of money nor the financial position of my beloved fellows.

Yeah.. instantly, I realized that eighty percent of our people are hardly getting food.. I always blamed the government for the poverty.But I was also living a luxurious life. That was the time when I slapped myself for being such a selfish person. After that I could n’t help her out due to her self respect but we collected bottles together from lawns, class rooms, corridors…

Now I really care… Do you?


  1. good article. but my dear..! no one cares for other, everybody tries to get each nan every thing for his/her own self and also tries to snatch the shares of others.

  2. nice article, We are stewards of our money, because its not really our money; therefore, we should use it wisely, both in purchases, investments and charity. 🙂

  3. good effort but mis try to help her prectically instead of advertising her difficulties.

  4. good yr, bt the main prob is govt bcaz its their respnsblty to rise the standrd of living for all.

  5. Thought provoking and well written too.

  6. its panic. unequal distribution of wealth led to such cases.

  7. very senstiv writer

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