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Woh Intezar Tha Jiska, Yeh Who Sahar Tau Nahi – Noushah Arshad

By: Noushah Arshad

It’s time to stand up. It’s time to pay respect to our National Anthem. As soon as it starts playing in the gathering of almost two hundred Pakistanis; the first impression comes, “Keep sitting. Why you need to stand up?”

I stare at the person sitting right beside me and stand up. Meanwhile I notice that many people specially our ‘very’ youthful boys of today start shouting at every high note of the anthem. Literally, everyone could see and listen that none of them tried to be respectful. At a brief pause there were numerous whistles in the respect of their national anthem. And with all this drama going on, National Anthem continued. With the end, there was a huge clapping, hooting and whistling to further glorify the anthem.

It was the moment I wished to slap the face of every guy who tried to ‘enjoy’ the national anthem of his own country. I wish I could have got that chance. Everyone in that gathering was mature enough to understand that what kind of respect is being given to the national anthem of a country. I have seen numerous sportsperson standing still and paying their full respect to the national anthems of their countries and also of others. We are being taught in our schools to stand up and be quiet while national anthem is being played. It has always remained a part of our basic education.

I don’t understand where things are going wrong that people are forgetting every manner that was important to be learned. Either our teachers are no more aware of their duties or the parents feel no need to teach manners to their growing young lads. They know nothing about taking life seriously. All that is being left for them is to focus on every second girl that passes by, keep themselves busy with their mobiles and internet while giving a damn to what is happening around them in their very own city, country or even their area. With the earphones on, no one bothers to listen to the other person today. I don’t understand what is being taught to these crazy zombies of today.

Do you really think that this is the proper way to behave with life? I don’t think so. It is beyond my comprehension that why can’t a mature and young person give respect to the national anthem? Why we keep on trying to find opportunities to ‘chill’ in the places where there should be some seriousness shown? Even if it is a class room or even an emergency ward of a hospital, I’ve seen the young guys behaving in mad and inhumane ways. So senseless and careless that I feel sorry to say I don’t find any humanity in the younger generation. They have no concern with the people living around them. I don’t find their connection with the values that once used to be an integral part of our education.

There seems to be no way that could make things better around us. It seems hard  to make it understand to hundreds of mature people the importance of their country and its national anthem and the way they should behave while listening to it. It is the duty of every one of us to work on our flaws before criticizing others. There is still hope for the future that if we work on making our selves better humans today, our future might turn out to be brighter than what it is today.

In the words of Faiz Ahmed Faiz ;

Ye Daagh Daagh Ujala, Ye Shab Guzeeda Sahar,

Wo Intezar Tha Jiska, Ye Who Sahar Tau Nahi,

… Abhi Giraani-e-Shab Main Kami Nahi Ayee

Nijaat-e-Deeda-o-Dil Ki Ghari Nahi Ayee

Chalay Chalo Kay Who Manzil Abhi Nahi Ayee

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