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I Know a Pakistan … – Noushah Arshad


By: Noushah Arshad

I know a Pakistan that used to be the land of love and peace. Where the faces of children were happy and smiling. There was no danger of bomb blasts. Life shined through the faces of every Pakistani with a bright hope for their future. Rivers were full of water, making the fields greener and providing the dwellers with every kind of food. No one seemed to be in a hurry. Everyone was tolerant and people cared for each other without being afraid of anything. The society was humane. Tourists visited my land every year in large numbers. The deserts, lush green fields, and towering mountain ranges invited them to praise the beauty of my country.

But the Pakistan I see today is not the one I’ve known for a long time. I find no love in hearts of people for each other.  There is no peace in the country. The children seem so stressed and low. People move with dull and tired faces. Dried up rivers and barren lands are what we are left with today. The society has become so insensitive towards each other. Majority of them have lost the sense of care or tolerance. My land is no more visited by large number of tourists today. The fields, deserts, and mountains are quietly watching the massacre of my nation.

It makes me feel bad to think that how this change happened in no time. I am a young Pakistani and I am sure many of my young Pakistani fellows know the Pakistan that I knew in my childhood. I don’t want the situation to get worse day by day. I wish to live in the Pakistan I used to know few years ago. And I am sure every one of wants the same.

The time is here, knocking at our doors, calling us to decide what we wish for in our future. It is now our turn to decide either we want to live with this destruction going on or we want a better land to live and a better nation for our coming generations. If you want a better and peaceful Pakistan, then it’s your duty to vote for the best man on 11th May 2013. A man who can build up the country back from scratches into a developing nation with bright future ahead. Your vote for Imran Khan is all what is required. If you will not come out and vote on 11th then decision is yours, but I’m sure no one of us wants live with this continued destruction. My hopes are high for a better future and that is what we all are left with.

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  1. this all due to democrascy illiltrate voter and corrupt leaders make my beautifull country ugly

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