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A Fairy of My Wonderland – Noushah Arshad


By: Noushah Arshad

Rains bring back many memories with them. We recall the way we used to enjoy in our childhood and youth. Sometimes we remember certain places, events and people or miss them in rainy seasons. Some words or acts cling to our mind and become a vital part of our memories. All of us have some feelings or thoughts related to rains and cloudy weather. Some of us get ecxited and enjoy them to the fullest while others become sad, lost in old memories of someone they have missed on the path of life. Life is full of strange experiences; experiences of a lovely weather, a hardship, a relation and even lonliness.

I’ve always enjoyed rains since my childhood. Clouds bring an unexplainable excitement and energy for me.World becomes a wonderland and every thing seems to be a part of a fairy tale. Since last few years this fairy tale misses its fairy and the wonderland has lost his glory.

Some time ago, I visited her. She was in bed, silent and peaceful. It was a rainy season. I went close to her, held her hand and whispered to her, “It’s raining outside.” She smiled and said,”I know, I can feel it. How is it outside? Is it beautiful as always?”

“Yes, it is, pure and green.” I said, and kissed her forehead.

“Dear! What if I request you for something? Will you fulfill my wish? May be it’s my last one.” I could see tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Why not; just let me know what you want me to do for you.” I asked softly, praying that I could fulfill her wish.

“I know, I’ve been on bed for so many days, but believe me, I can get out of my bed today. Please take me out in rain for the last time. It wil heal me, I know. I want to feel it for the last time. I promise I’ll not stay there for long. I’ll walk by myself. Just take me out once, for one last time.” She was asking me for something I could not give her. One of her legs was paralyzed. Her body was weak. She was unable to sit, how could she walk with me in the rain. I felt so helpless.I had no words, for her pleading hands and eyes made me speechless.

“Yes, I wil take you out in rain and we will enjoy together. You will get better very soon and then I will take you out. Besides, it’s not raining heavily today.” I held her face in my hands and told her what I could. She smiled and went to sleep under the affect of an injection.

She died after few days, lying in her bed with white shawl over her. It rained heavily two days after her death. Her soul was free to feel it and enjoy it. Everytime it rains, I remember her words, her last wish and miss my fairy. My wonderland is not the same without her. Rains have become silent and sad, as if they also miss her. I hope God lets her soul enjoy whenever it rains. . .

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