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A Heart Like Mine

Once again I saw in winter
The leaves that had turned pale
And some of which were red
Told me a sad tale

The cold and cruel wind
Tore a leaf apart
And it came under my feet
Like a broken heart

I stopped at once & picked it up
As if I could feel its pain
And when I looked at it closely
I even saw some veins

I held it in my hand
And kept watching for sometime
I wondered if it was a leaf
Or a heart just like mine?

Once again wind blew swiftly
And once again that leaf flew
But I didn’t try to stop it
Cause that’s what it ought to do

That was its destiny
A commandment from above
It couldn’t decide for it’s self
Like a heart floating in love

Though it seemed so helpless
With no control of its own
But it had to keep going
To a destination yet unknown



  1. I dont have words to share the feelings tht I got after reading those magical words above… It has created a desire in my heart to meet the creator of this masterpiece.

  2. ah…
    very nice…
    and very sentimental too…
    i liked it

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