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Friendship With A Sea

Once upon a miracle
A strange thing happened to me
I was graciously granted
With the friendship of a sea

I walked bare footed
On its distant shores
And gathered pearls & shells
But I longed for something more

I wished to share my secrets
And talk about all my dreams
But was afraid of the roaring waves
And wind that used to scream

I wanted to go near it
And dive into its mysterious depths
Discover all that is hidden
Or just get lost in abyss

But silenced by respect
I kept standing at a distance
Speechless and stunned
Fascinated by its existence

And one day it so happened
That the sea called my name
It said, we can’t be together,
Cause we are not the same

A tear dropped from my eyes
To deny the words of the Sea
To show we’re destined together
As the sea dwells within me.

~ Nazish~


  1. very nice poem…
    Nazish, I would like to read more from you…

  2. I am not UPSET with you, Life
    I’m astonished

    Your innocent questions
    cause me distress

    I didn’t think that
    in order to live
    I’d had to face misery

    To smile
    I’d have to take the debt of smiling
    If I were to smile, it seems that I’d have to
    incur this debt upon my lips

    I am not UPSET with you, Life
    I’m astonished

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