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Can You?

Can you see what I see?
A big white ship sailing in the sky
A giant looking down with one eye
The sea waves in wooden door
And a dragon in chips floor
A cat in the flaking wall
Playing with a cotton ball

Can you hear what I hear?
The whispers of the trees
And the chat of flying bees
The song that each bird sings
The music of their flapping wings
The cry of a lonely cat
And the shrieks of a hungry bat

Can you feel what I feel?
Mother’s touch in the sun’s heat
A friend’s presence when waves meet
Kiss of a lover in wind’s touch
An ecstasy that’s never too much
The arrival of a new season
Gush of memories without any reason
~ Nazish ~


  1. Simply splendid and commendable effort…

  2. nice lines there

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