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Educational Crisis! – Aleena Rizvi

By: Aleena Rizvi

The whole Karachi was on fire during the two days massacre of 12 May 2007. On roads, I did not find any vehicle except for one or two and the shops and stores were shut down.

I was in my car coming from Steel Mills as I had my residence over there. I had to go to “Regent Plaza” which was the prescribed center for my O’level Examinations. It was 14thMay 2007 and I had my Islamic Studies paper.

Despite of the circumstances my paper did not postpone because it was an international Cambridge system. I saw burning places on my way. At one place, some boys stopped our car but when they saw a family inside it, they allowed us to go.

I was the lucky one to reach safely on time but I do remember there were many students who were not able to reach on time and did not appear in the attempt.

It was only the beginning but due to everyday strikes and unpredictable events, today the education in Pakistan has affected drastically.

Cutting the days of Public and National holidays, then summer and winter vacation, the few days left are occupied by strikes and unauthorized holidays. Students do not get time to attend schools and colleges and as a result, by the end of the session the syllabuses are not covered.

This might not affect too much to those who are giving local examinations because the date of exams could be flexible in such cases. However, the major issues arise for those who are educating from Cambridge system or International Accountancy bodies such as ACCA or CIMA.

The exam dates are scheduled and it will not get change under any circumstances. I know this thing for fact because being a student of ACCA I have suffered a lot. We have a semester system and have to appear for exams in every six months.

Excluding the days of exam preparation and holidays, we hardly get 90 days to finish our long syllabuses. In our last June 2013 attempt when elections held, professors were in a rush to complete their syllabuses anyhow before the city situation became disorder.

Consequently, the syllabuses wrapped up forcefully but the concepts did not get clear and the practice remained incomplete. On the exam day, there were some protests going on which mentally affected our minds leaving us in a worry that how to reach to the Examination centers.

I want to bring it to the consideration because there are numerous students like me who had suffered and are suffering every day. Unforeseen circumstances do not allow one to study peacefully.

Education is one of the strongest pillars of any nation. It not only differentiates between and literate and illiterate but enhances individual skills and abilities. Based on good education a nation can compete and represent itself globally.

Education offered locally has a poor quality and is not up to the standards. Government lecturers showed much interest in political biasness rather than on their particular subjects. Classes have conducted rarely and the condition of schools and colleges look extremely bad and terrible.

I ask who would like to study in such unpleasant circumstances. No one would show their interest when the mentors are not willing. How our youth will get a right direction to achieve their objectives and goals in the future.

Environment both physically and mentally affects the individual especially primary students who are not matured enough to distinct between right and wrong. Few days before I saw a grade five kid drawing guns and bullets in his register.

I ask this is what our next generation is aiming for! This means in future educational institutes would going to be replace by political offices and bullet centers! Instead of books, we will get to see guns and pistols in the hands of our teenagers!

Moreover, where does our media leading us? Changing statements every second and exaggerating any news into breaking news in order to compete with each other to earn highest ratings. Forgetting their moral responsibility and Ignoring, the fact that there are millions relying on news provided by them.

I request those charged with authorities to make major contributions to the education sector of Pakistan. To fulfill promises and to do expenditure that was decided when budget allocated to education of Pakistan.

Most importantly, each individual should realize his responsibility towards his fellow beings and society.
If one knows how to read and write, it is his moral and social responsibility to educate others and the rewards for them would be greater. A famous saying justifies my words:

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”



  1. Bravoooo!

  2. Alina good one once again.

  3. Well writte. artcle and imp topic which was really needed to discuss

  4. Well i do agree with above article but there must be correction that government educational instuition are not working as they have to but there are certain government institution producing the engineers , doctors and scientist that are known the world for their ability

  5. Media is to be blamed onlyyy!

  6. I have experienced the same..
    Good one girl keep the effort.

  7. Something which we trouble us everyday both mentally and physically.
    love the efforttt!

  8. Beautifully written, highlighting a very major issue.

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