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Ustaad Hamid Ali Khan vs Marasi Pervez Musharraf Ali Khan

Video of the activities, Musharraf promoted and was famous for…. as previously we had seen  CBR ex-Chairmain Abdullah Yousuf Dance Video and now latest revealed video……VIA Hasb-e-Haal, a show on Dunya Tv revealed this video and claims that this is what he did all time in President House. Watch all the “Tail Carriers” applausing his singing…. Worst Singer.. Pathetic People…


Pakistan was burning and Musharraf was Singing!


  1. I won;t say that it used to happen all the time… and what are today’s hukamranz doing… when we dislike someone we think of everything related to him as devilish… Qaum pai zulm ho raha hai magar hum log bhee ocassionaly yai hi sab kuch kartai hain..ganai suntai hain hanstai gaatai hain so hum bhee aisai hi hian to hukamran hum pai waisai hi aatai hain jaisai kai qaum ho

  2. nachna baki hay kisi mehfel main wo nach kar bhe dekha dein.

    wesay in ko nachana ata hay 10 sal tak inho nay sari qoom ko apni ungliuo par nachya hi to hay.

  3. waah je waah kia kahen iss ka ab

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