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Underwear Policy – Kalim Ahmad


By Kalim Ahmad

Man has long been at variance with others, this variation of opinions and arguments led to the creation of “Underwear Policy”.

The underwear of Isabella and the policy of world leaders has many things common.

The strange fashion colour was created by the sovereign Queen Isabella, the daughter of Filip 2nd of Spain. In 1601, she swore not to change her underwear until the city of Ostende was taken.

Unfortunately, the occupation lasted for 3 years so Isabella’s underwear got the “Beige Colour” that today is known as Isablla colour or Isabella Yellow.

This Spanish underwear is now a landmark in international political scenario. Men in any case want to wear the underwear of their policy, never to change it at any cost. Though in the long run it always prove destructive.

Rulers of Pakistan wore the underwear of “War Against Terrorism” in 2001. Pakistani mass and media strongly protested against this policy but until that time the underwear got the shape of a policy. This undetwear policy was a shift from peace to anarchy, mismanagement, corruption and destruction. Bullets were fired from the sky as if they are drops of rain water, bombs exploded on earth as if lava of human blood is erupting. Major cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar received severe punches of destruction.

In 2008 democracy was restored here and Pakistani masses believed they would take a sigh of relief in democratic government. But their dteams shattered into pieces when they knew about the new underwear policy.

It was the same underwear once worn by the ex-president. Today no one is ruling my land but anarchy and cprruption.

This policy is not confined to Pakistan only, many global rulers are famous for such infamous policies. Some masses want escalation of Army, some need withdrawing of underwear policy, others desire for peace, still others demand jobs and fundamental rights but I dont know of what constituents are these ruling creatures made? Are they human beings? But humans have ears to listen to the cries and voices of the innocents.

Are they human beings? But humans have eyes to see the cruelty, they have hands to stop corruption and mismanagement, they have hearts to show mercy.

I know there is no creed which has not been shaken by the passage of time, no tradition or dogma which has not been put to question.

I know the world is changing. Ways, costumes, traditions and spirits are changing. Soon, they also will have to change their underwears.

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