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Tumhain Yad Ho Ke Na Yaad Ho – Geo Tv Song For Judiciary

“Sheeshay Ke Gharon Main Dekho Tau…


Pathar Dil Wale Baste Hain!”

Starting from Aitzaz Ahsan Poetry, Just before long march Geo TV made a bold step and compiled a series of clips, mainly presenting Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed’s speeches and clips of important events like agreement of Zardari with Nawaz Sharif, the statements and promises by Zardari, PM Gillani and other PPP leaders.

After watching this, it makes you really sad and leaves you in disgust as it shows the real face of these PPP leaders. Now decision makers are people of Pakistan. Geo aur Jeenay Do!

Watch the exclusive Song Video Now!


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