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Take back Pakistan NOW !

Do you trust the following people who have lied repeatedly to you ? ? ? ? ?

1) Asif Ali Zardari:

Famous lies:

  1. No interest in becoming Prime Minister or President.
  2. Judges will be restored.
  3. First day President will remove 58-2(b).
  4. We will get rid of 17th Amendment.
  5. There is no deal with America.
  6. Moahde Quran Yah Hadees Nahi Hote.

too many to keep track of all

2) Pervez Musharraf


Famous lies:

  1. I will remove uniform in 2004
  2. I will listen to whatever the Supreme Court Orders
  3. I never threatened Benazir on phone
  4. There was no deal with America
  5. Country made economic progress because of me

3) Rehman ‘Double Agent’ Malik


Famous lies:

  1. I was behind Benazir’s car on the day of her assassination
  2. Pervez Musharraf is constitutional President
  3. Benazir’s killers will be brought to justice
  4. I did not threaten lawyers, journalists or civil society
  5. There are no deals with Americans on drone attacks

4) Yousaf Raza Gilani:


Famous Lies:

  1. 1) Pakistan is a sovereign nation
  2. PPP is committed to restoring the judiciary
  3. Addressing people’s issues are our top priority
  4. There is no deal regarding drone attacks
  5. Iftikhar Chaudhry is peer of judges. He will be restored.

Remember all of them also said that there were no drones in Pakistan

Picture confirming drones presence in Balochistan

Wake up before you lose your country for good.

Register with your local Bar Association to join the lawyers

12 March till restoration


for making rulers accountable to their actions

for independence of judiciary and justice in Pakistan

for rule of law and supremacy of the constitution

to ending corruption, nepotism and loot once and for all


Remember what Jinnah said


“You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of democracy, social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil.”

Follow those who stand for principles like Jinnah, the lawyers of Pakistan:

“If there is a silver-tongued barrister he [Aitzaz Ahsan] reminds us of, it is Muhammad Ali Jinnah, held by many to be the greatest lawyer in the British Empire. Like Jinnah, Aitzaz is at the top of the legal game and a politician who uses mainly constitutional means to advance his cause. What is more, Aitzaz consciously emulates Jinnah in his measured, logical exposition of facts.”

– Yasser Latif Hamdani writing in the New York Times


  1. you forgot, “khappay sesame” or as rest of us call, Pakistan.

  2. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. This denial is going on in Pakistan since1947. Al Quran
    2:54 And remember Moses said to his people: “O my people! Ye have indeed wronged yourselves by your worship of the calf: So turn (in repentance) to your Maker, and slay yourselves (the wrong-doers); that will be better for you in the sight of your Maker.” Then He turned towards you (in forgiveness): For He is Oft- Returning, Most Merciful. If we go back & see Iranis slaughtering their political filth by themselves & religiously they are certainly ahead fearing Allah more than us.

    JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. In Pakistan’s civil courts if a judge unnecessarily delays the decision a team of lawyers gets together gives him a heavy spanking & threatens to have him kicked out of that city by the help of their bar council. But is that the solution to the problem? The Supreme Judicial Council & the lawyers’ forum must work out an applicable formula to ensure timely justice as that’s the only remedy to end the rule of political filth & to ensure Pakistan’s stable existence.
    I witnessed two civil judges being spanked in Pakistan’s Civil Courts with an interval of few months by some lawyers due to unnecessary delay in the decision. Plus both the judges were threatened to be kicked out of that court & city with the help of the Bar Council. The rest of civil judges of the court were on a strike refusing to hear any petition on those days particularly. But is that the remedy to the problem of injustice? Supreme Judicial Council and Lawyers’ forum needs to positively work out a solid audit/accountability and implementation of justice formula to avoid any such incidents in future. If the lawyers think of delaying tactics as means of earning money then we are automatically thrown back & Pakistan will continue to be ruled by the political filth it is being ruled since half a century from now.

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