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My Sole Rescuer – Noushah Arshad

By: Noushah Arshad

For years I wandered in the vastness of my thoughts, looking for a spot where I could find solace within my soul. For years I travelled through wilderness of my darkh nights, looking for a ray of light that would take me home … For years I have been bulding steps to reach the heights; heights of my own self where I could find some source to rescue me from strong clutches of evil. For years, all of it has been happening within me …

I always looked around, thinking that God will send some angel to help me in my search or to answer my never ending questions … Many times I assumed certain people as the ones who were nothing but a blessing for me, who made me feel as if my prayers have been answered, or my search has ended … But that never happened, every one left some new questions and undiscovered lands for me. I treaded each path to find a way but every time I was directed towards something stranger and newer … Life is truly a maze full of strange happenings to experience. My search never ended …

I have been a traveler of many lands. I have searched for my rescuer at every path I discovered. I longed to find some one who could make me feel home. I longed for silence, deep inside me … A silence that would never turn into a storm again. The quiet corner of my soul was never found, no matter how much I wandered unless a single thought flashed into my mind and my long living mystery was solved.

It was that moment, just a single moment that lasted for a fraction of a second, but it made me recognize my Rescuer. My Rescuer, Who was always there, watching me with a smile and loving thought. Who looked after me every single moment I wandered for Him, Who helped me every time I felt sad for being alone. He was there. He was within me. The quiet corner of my sole, my Home, answer of my every prayer, my final destination, my sole rescuer, my ALLAH … I’ve missed Him, but he never missed me for a single moment. He provided me company when I felt alone; He blessed me with His love when I needed it the most. He is my friend when I long for the one … No Doubt Allah is the Greatest and I love him … I’ve found the ray of light in my dark nights that is always by my side, making me feel comfortable and soothing me with His never ending love …


  1. @ Ali & Fatima
    Thankyou 🙂

  2. very well written. really good one. no doubt the only rescuer is ALLAH. if u have ALLAH inside then u r capable to handle anything and can gain ultimate peace of soul.

  3. things are there, but we need to be Mindful.
    pure and good words.

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