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Shahrukh Khan Clarifies Comments on Prophet Was a ‘Writing Error’ (Video)

ARTICLE OF FAITH: Islamic group objects to Shah Rukh Khan’s comments in magazine.

 ARTICLE OF FAITH: Islamic group objects to Shah Rukh Khan

A day after a police complaint was filed against him for "hurting religious sentiments" in Islam, actor Shahrukh Khan said on Friday that his comments to a magazine were misinterpreted due to a "writing error".

The First Information Report (FIR) was lodged by the Mumbai Aman Committee (MAC) at the Bandra police station on Thursday after they read in Time’N Style-Luxury that Shah Rukh had listed Prophet Mohammad as one of the most unimpressive personalities in history alongside Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill.

But Shah Rukh said it was a "writing error" and that he had named the Prophet among the most impressive personalities in history.

"Obviously I think that there is no more important figure in history than Prophet Mohammad in the most positive way possible. Also, being a Muslim and standing up for the tenets of Islam is my most important agenda. If they (MAC) have seen my interviews on TV about Islam and Prophet Mohammad, they would know it’s a writing error and not a thought or view that I believe in," Shah Rukh told IANS in an SMS message.

"For all practical purposes, Prophet Mohammad is the most important positive figure in Islam," he said.

A corrigendum from the magazine was also published across Mumbai newspapers on Thursday wherein the magazine accepted the error.

The corrigendum stated: "This is with reference to the interview with Shah Rukh that featured in Time’N Style-Luxury Vol-1 issue: The answer to question ‘According to you (Shah Rukh) who is the most impressive figure in history?’ should have appeared as: ‘There are lots of them. Some negative ones like Hitler. Then Napoleon, Winston Churchill were impressive.

" ‘If I can call it history then most impressive, positive figure Prophet Mohammad and from recent times there are the nice ones like Nelson Mandela, Gandhiji and Mother Teresa.’ This is a clarification and the error is deeply regretted."

An official from the Bandra police station, however, confirmed that the FIR had not been withdrawn even after the corrigendum was published.


  1. First of all, he isnt a muslim. Hes a murtad, if he ever was muslim. And we do not have the least bit of doubt about that. He certainly does not belong to the muslim jama’ah. Just having a muslim name wont make you one. Anyone with the least bit of knowledge and ghayrah for their deen would agree. The rest can support him and go to hell.

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  3. sharukh bhai beshak allah app ke bhi dil se zyaada khareeb hai tauba karo mai app ko bahoot pasand karta hoon aur allah se bhi app ke liye hidayat ki duwa karta hoon allah hafiz

  4. guys…no humen being s that big to gve his view on our loving and respected prophet MOHAMMAD(SAW) what ever writing error or nt he should think before saying it.

  5. dear , shau , hi , how is your life going , one thung i tell you you are abil to mcome in the other film shows recently i have got feed from indian actrees i they told we hate shu , now you can under stand your postion , wish you good , or bad luck, sajid pakistan

  6. hi shahrukh kan , testing. sajid pakistan

  7. sharukh allah se daaro pooja yani bhoot parasti se bacho allah tumhe hidayat de ameen summa ameen

  8. allah is the greatest of all

  9. ?Hola!
    No est? seguro de que esto es verdad:), pero gracias a un cargo.


  10. Interesante, no va a continuar con este art?culo?


  11. Asalam-o-Alikum
    Yahan Shah Rukh Khan ke peechay sab pare hein mai ne abhi wo video dekhi nahi per jo bhi hai muje os se koi saro kar nahi wese agar hum sab musalman hein tu hamin sab se pehle apna gereban dekhna chahiye na ke wese bari bari batain bolni chahiye hum ne khud tu kabhi musalmano wale kam kiye nahi dusroon per ilzam tarashi kerna hamain khub ata hai agar aisi hee baat hai tu os ke ghar mai agar poja ghar hai tu bhaiyo ajj poja ghar her musalman ke ghar mai hai batoor Star Plus ke and indian chennel ke kya os per poja nahi ati jawab do kya os waqt app TV band ker dete hein ya Movies mai Poja nahi ati bolo aur musalmano kabhi pak chat room mai jana waha app ko asli pakistni musalman jo apne hee bhaiyo ko galiyan dete huy mele ge zara on ko pehle samjho baad mai kisi or ko app sabaq sikhana pehel hum apnay AAMAL tu sidhy ker lein pher kisi ko ko kahin ge ok

  12. shahrukh khan ek nehayat acha insan hi or wo aisa bol nhi skhta, ap loog kone sa achai insan hi, phalay apnai kreban mi dekho phir dosron per ungli uthana, barai aai islam per bolnai walai. islam mi tu tv dekhna mana hai, ap loog wo to allah ka hukum maaan nhi rhai, shahrukh khan per ungli uthanai chalai. shahrukh khan sarai actors mai nehayat acha or shareef insan hai ok.

  13. a muslim's thought

    v al know how z he?expecting good from bad it self z a huge mistake. the final solution to stop all muslims to go on his way or alikes or to stop copying him and to save our new generation we must totaly stop watching indian movies and start watching islamic movies believe me they r more interesting and meaningful

  14. salam to all, is chez par discussion horaha he ke os ne kaha tha ke nahe yarr khud socho jis ne ghar me “BUT” “IDOL””BHAGWAN” ki moortiyan “Statues” rakhen hon jo apne bacho ko ye Taleem deta hon if u cant believe just search on YOUTUBE there is a video of inside his house he’s preching to his children. so doston He is Munafiq HINDU se shahdi to waise he hamaray ULMA ke mutabiq He he nahe to is amal se he dekhloo. Phir kiun believe karte ho.

  15. if you are true muslim.. so killed him. he is fitna he is munafik he is lair. he is animal.

  16. actually what sharuk khan said if he said in actual not a accusation then he is really a bad person and gustakhe rasool.and he will be punished by god inshallah ….otherwise if it is a writing error then they should dig out who is behind the scene .becuse this kind of mistake is not acceptable by muslims .

  17. … dunya ko akhre ghar samaj raha hai!!!!!!!!!!bycot karo…


  18. Mere Pyaro,

    Just i wanted to know whats going on here! being a muslim ham ker kia rahe hain agar apko lagta he ke apke zindagi me mukammal deen he to pyare doosron tak ponhchain hamara kam Allah ke Deen ke liye mehnat kerna he na keh…….. Allah ko mano aur Allah ki mano aur uss Deen ki mahnat karo jis deen ke liye Allah ne hamare Pyare Nabi Hazrat Muhammad SAW ko iss kaienat me bheja ham sab ussi Nabi ka Kalma Perhne wale hain…..

    ham ne kisi Shahrukh ya kisi bhi Actor ko daikh ker islam nahi qabool kia…

  19. aap log jenehe unke (shah rukh)baren mein kuch pata nehi na jani ku unke khilaf bolte hai ek baar unko janke to dekhiye wo aise insan hai jo sabse pyar karte hai bina yea soche ke kisi ka masab kya hai kuda ne mashub nehi banaya ,banaya unh insano ne jinhe doonsron se koe lena dea nehi agar allha ne aaj ye suna ke unhon ne jis bande ko upar se aman ke liya bheja hai aaj unsi ke upar aaj yea ilzam hai ke wo galat hai aap unhe
    (shah rukh)nehi khuda ko galat bayan kar rahen hai

  20. shah rukh all muslim hate u so keep away

    • @ Saqib Chouhan

      the comments of threat, personal abuse and hatred are not allowed. You cam express your opinion but no threats and other stuff.. please read site comments policy. Thanks

  21. I am Proud Of my Indian Muslim because he is never change religion but i hate shah because he is a agents of non muslim

  22. I hate Shahrukh khan!!!!!!! It is not gud!!! ye wajib-e-qatal hai


    My all Muslims Brother…..

    as u know all the actorz in indain film indrt.( specialy Muslimz) all of them are trying to reacted as hindo.

    ye saale hindoon ko kush karne k lye ye sub karten he.. salam bhi or shahrukh bhi….. ye sub to muslimz hen hi nhi…

    laant he in sub per…

  24. Ozzie J Jr’ at 10:15am June 27
    We Muslims no doubt belong from the best religion but the agony and illiteracy belief on the subject that appears in any way cult regarding our beliefs and moreover without investigating the true source and the circumstances occurred is the most embarrassing thing that we as a Muslim can do.
    It has been stated several times in Islam without … Read Moreinvestigating properly & cautiously no one should be accused of anything which is by far related to something as sacred as Religion.
    So here’s to all Dumb people like you and this promo that was started by Mr Junaid Iqbal that Open ur eyes Investigate & than Pass Judgement.

    Hope No Offense Taken.

  25. oooyyyeeee mr dark night zara dekh ke apni zabaan ko? everything has been declared. ap jayil hai? unpare hai? ke aap ko nazar nahi aa raha wo kya keh raha hai ? uske khud ma bap muslims hai aur wo kabhi aisa nahi kahain ga usne khud yeh bola hai kyon ke uske ma bap kabhi usko maaf na kar patain… aur vaise bhi aap loggon ko to bahana chaiye hota hai srk ko kuch kehne kaha dosre actors ko dekho ok? wo bhi koi sahi muslims nahi hai..aap sab loog use jalte hoo

  26. I appeal from all Muslims send laanat on him…

    Don’t watch any indian movies.

    I know it is difficult but u can start from yourself…..

  27. He is liar…

    Murdad hai

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