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Rip-Roaring Music Album “Ramz” by Tahir Abbas is Ready to be Another Crowd Puller

South Asian music enthusiasts will witness a whole innovative and thrilling music by Tahir Abbas in his upcoming album “Ramz.”  

Pakistan’s renowned singer, the music composer, lyricist, and actor Tahir Abbas, originating from southern Punjab, started his music career from scratch and is now winning millions’ hearts. He has given many masterpiece songs to the Punjabi music industry that people still admire. Following the ritual, Tahir Abbas brought up another great music album named “Ramz.” Ramz is an Urdu word that means hint or signal, and the title says a lot about this album.

Tahir Abbas is indeed a youth sensation who revolutionized the youth’s taste in music. He gives a new life to Punjabi Sufi music with a touch of modern perspectives and flavor. The new generation prefers to listen to artists who have variety in their songs, lyrics, and composition. Tahir Abbas understood the fantasies of youth and always tried to bring up different kinds of music. He started his career with a famous sad song, “Rusya na ker,” later on, his album was related to funk folk. But this time, he had to make an all-out effort to bring something different in “Ramz.”

You will witness three great songs in this forthcoming album, “Ramz.” Namely Ranjhna Ve, Zindagi Mubarak and Mann Meriyan. These three names depict the whole stories and ideas behind songs. How beautifully he mixed modern Sufi vibes and created an attractive list of songs. The elementary inkling of these songs is to entertain the audience with songs that give an authentic feel. The special thing about Tahir Abbas is that he is blessed with melodic vocals and is a true artist who writes and composes the songs and music himself. This multitalented capability makes him stand out in the crowd. The songs from “Ramz” are also documented, organized, and sung by Tahir Abbas. But this time, he had a companion Ali Sajjad for establishing lyrics and composition of songs to make them more unique. This album’s music is organized by Kamran Akhtar, flute by Baqir Abbas, and the man behind keys is Imran Akhtar. Tahir Abbas and his team seem to do wonders through their album “Ramz.”  Everyone knows this era’s music industry has lost the charm of music due to unnecessary evolutions. The passion of Tahir Abbas for music, specifically Punjabi music, is beyond that. He wants to add up the sensational changes and the charm of classic vibes. As everyone knows, Tahir Abbas has been doing duets where the singers sometimes have to compromise for many things. But all the songs of this album are sung by Tahir Abbas alone. So definitely, you will be seeing him in a completely updated version full of the real and talented Tahir Abbas. This album will fulfill his goal to bring a revolution in the music industry of Pakistan. Singers like Tahir Abbas deserve more recognition as their hard work and passion for music are ushering a positive change to the music industry.

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