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How to Register Your Vote in Pakistan for Next Elections?

How to Check your Vote Status / Vote Registration info via SMS in Pakistan for Election 2018?

How to Check your Vote Status?

  • Simply send your CNIC (without dashes) to 8300
  • Example: Send “3740541882200” to 8300
You will soon receive a reply with following information:
  • Your CNIC Number
  • Electoral Area, i.e. District, Tehsil and city/town/village
  • Block Code
  • Serial Number
Election Commission said that it has purposefully not included the voters’ name and home address to avoid any privacy violations.
  • SMS sent to 8300 will be charged @ Rs. 2 plus tax

What if you are not registered or registered with incorrect details?

You can submit your application along with a copy of CNIC to the District Election Commissioner (DEC)/ Registration Officer/Assistant Registration Officer of the district where you want to get your name enrolled. The prescribed Form A (Addition) is available online at the ECP website or they can be obtained free of cost from the office of the District Election Commissioner / Registration Officer OR Assistant Registration Officer.

Voter Forms

Addresses of the REC’s / DEC’s Offices


A person, who is a citizen of Pakistan, is not less than 18 years of age on the first day of January of the year in which the rolls are prepared or revised, is not declared by a competent court to be of unsound mind and is or is deemed to be a resident of an electoral area, can get himself enrolled as a voter in that electoral area.

Only citizens registered on the Electoral Rolls are eligible to cast their votes.


  1. You must be over the age of 18
  2. You must have a National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by NADRA


Go to your nearest Office of Assistant Election Commissioner / Registration Officer located in your area. If you do NOT know where your closest office is located, you can find out by contacting the Election Commission of Pakistan at             (051) 920 1975       or             (051) 920 6062       and asking them the address and phone number of the closest office to you. You can also contact 1217 to get the same information or log onto

Once at the office, collect a “Voter Registration Form” and fill it out in full. Basic information will be required as well as a Photocopy of National Identity Card as well as Proof of Residence – this includes any kind of utility bill (electricity, gas, water or telephone). Once complete, submit the form and you’re DONE!

More than one person can get registered on one form so remember to bring your family and friends. Get everyone registered and make your voices heard!

PLEASE NOTE: Your vote will be registered to the address written on the National Identity Card. For example if you are registering in Karachi and your home address is in Lahore, you will have to vote in Lahore.

For Overseas Pakistani’s

Overseas Pakistanis are allowed to be registered by their family, friends or relatives who live in the area of your residence in Pakistan. The process is simple roughly the same however please note! Any Citizen of Pakistan can get registered as voter anywhere in Pakistan and can cast their vote if he or she is in Pakistan during the time of elections. You must be IN PAKISTAN to cast your vote!


After you have submitted your registration form, in a few days confirm to make sure YOU ARE ON THE VOTER LIST! This can be done by many ways.

You can obtain the “Voter List” from the Assistant Election Commissioner/Registration Officer. Check to see whether your name is on the list.

You will also be able to see the “Voter List” on the Election Commission’s website, but it’s currently unavailable (what a surprise)

Once you have confirmed you are registered, you will be able to vote in the Federal and Provincial elections anytime

Get your vote registered as soon as possible and play a vital part in shaping a better future for Pakistan.

Register Your Vote!

Contact Details of All Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Representatives:

Election Commission did not visit my house, my vote is still not registered!

In case no representative from ECP visits your house till 30th sept, you must contact ECP or your local PTI organizer.

1. Election Commission Contact:

Address                                                                                                                 Secretary Office Telephone

Election Commission Of Pakistan Secretariat, Election House      (+92)(51)(9201975) (+92)(51) (9206062)

Constitution Avenue G-5/2                                                                     Fax

Islamabad                                                                                (+92)(51) (9205402) (+92)(51) (9205300)


For ECP Provincial Offices: CLICK HERE:



  1. Ehsan Mehmood Mufti

    Dear Sir,
    I am working in Riyadh, saudi Arabia,
    How can i check my & my Family’s (Living in Lahore) vote status by living here in Riyadh.
    Thanks & Regards.

  2. Hi

    My vote is registered in Gujranwala and now I ve shifted in Gujrat. Just let me know what should i do to cast my vote in Gujrat in simple. Plz reply me on

    thanks & regards

  3. ghazanfar a. mehboob

    Plz make ur poling staion computrised and collect vote by finger chance to duplicate vote.

  4. my residence is in islamabad and i’m out of town at the moment. tomorrow is the last day for form registration. can i ask a cousin to fill and submit my form on my behalf?
    i’ll be there by the time of election and will vote by myself but due to the last date coming tomorrow can my cousin fill the form and register on my behalf?

  5. Hello,

    My Self Ravi Talreja, Currently i am living in Istanbul Turkey, there are many Pakistani colloquies who are willing to Vote for Imran Khan, Is there any way to Vote online?
    Please let us know so we can utilize our vote.


  6. AOA,
    I’m presently living in Gulshan e Iqbal karachi block no 11,ECP door to door verification team has never come to my house and votes of my family are not present in voters lists, plz tell me what to do….???

  7. AOA,
    I’m presently living in Lahore,ECP door to door verification team has never come to my house n votes of my family are not present in voters lists, plz tell me what to do

  8. hi whr z voter list plz tel me?

  9. Muhammad Yameen.

    hi i am Yameen. i wanna registered my vote. i am not in Pakistan right now. and i don’t know how to registered my vote.

  10. salam we live in china, we have overseas ID card, so how can we cast vote from here(China) , have we right to cast vote from here tnx

  11. Whats the last date for getting the vote registered?


  13. If you want to Pakistan as abetter nation you must register your vote & also cast it

  14. thnx alot…
    stay blessed

    @fahad javaid

  15. Also check this link

    also pasting the details on the link below…
    Election Commision of Pakistan has organised a Voter Registration desk in the Election Commision Office -all over Punjab. The contact details of Election commission’s offices all over Punjab are given below. Please Note that Election commission is short on resources & staff, if they haven’t visited us or didn’t collect the forms then its our duty to goto the election commission’s office and have the forms submitted.

    All residen…ts… who have not yet gotten their votes verified or registered are requested to go to this office & register their vote to bring real change in this country.

    Just take your CNIC along and also know your “Gharana Number” or “Meem Sheem number” written outside your house.
    Also take the CNIC numbers of your other family members who want to get registered.

    Please forward this link to all your freinds and also ensure that they register.

  16. I have read on some facebook link that the date of door to door campaign has been extended till 5th November.. Not sure if it is true!!! Also as per information from 1217 … Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has 3 offices in Lahore one at Thokar, 2nd at Lower Mall and 3rd one at some Court street which is also stated on ECP website … Address
    Provincial Election Commissioner, Punjab, 10-Court Street, Lahore, The number she gave me for Thokar office is 04235294116 and that of Lower mall is 04299213264 and that of court street is already on their website which are 04299211015 and 04299211016

  17. Dont worry buddy … it hasnt ended yet … it is not too late … u shd still be able to regsiter ur vote…

  18. can i be allowed now to register…???

    i forgot to reg. n 2day was last day.

  19. Please let me know how can i check online my status i am register in voting list or not.

    SMS on my number.

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