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Qadam Qadam Par Juda Ho Gaya Koi Na Koi !!! – Noushah Arshad

By: Noushah Arshad

One of the hardest times of life is to lose a loved one … have you ever felt the pain of such loss? In the course of life we lose our friends, parents and siblings … its part of life and something that is meant to happen … but what if some one makes it happen for u? If you are forced to lose someone so close to you? Will you accept it as the will of God or will you try to stop that someone who is forcing you to lose your relations? Have you ever thought about it? What happens when you lose some one close to you? You might have seen people around you who stop living when they lose their parents, siblings or friends … it seems as if their soul has flown away with their loved ones … they are just the minds working in bodies without any feeling or emotion.

Does these words seem familiar to you? Don’t you think this is what’s happening all around us now a days. ‘Someone’ is killing our loved ones, ‘Someone’ is destroying our families, ruining our lives, torturing our motherland … we are losing our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children and much much more … every second day when I turn on a news channel, I learn about a bomb blast killing and injuring my bothers, and sisters.

All of us just get more and more frustrated day by day, we feel helpless as we don’t find that ‘someone’, we don’t find strength in us to fight against that ‘someone’, we don’t feel like getting united and standing up against a cause …. Because we have our own duties in life, we have to earn money, raise a family, we have to finish projects and after all we have to live a healthy life full of peace and happiness … but have you ever thought that what will be the meaning of your life if God-forbids you lose your loved one in any of these blasts. Will you still be the same for the rest of your life?

This is what’s happening wth Pakistan … ‘Someone’ is converting us into bodies without soul … Machines that are tuned to work and raise our families by fulfilling their needs. We are thinking about it all the time. We can never think of anything else because nothing else is tuned in us.

We are losing people close to us and with them we are losing a part of our selves … there are tears in eyes of every Pakistani, we are crying and bleeding from pain but no one can hear our cries, no one can see our bleeding souls. Why is there darkness all around us? Why can’t we see the light coming through? May be we need to get united to find the light of hope … to find the path that will take us away from this darkness. We can not get back the souls that are lost in these blasts but why can’t we save others.

Today in this hour of darkness, I pray to ALLAH to give us strength and unity. O ALLAH! Please forgive us, please help us and guide us to the right path. Our country needs your blessings today. We are nothing without your guiding light. Please, show us the light. We don’t want to lose our dear ones like this. We can’t see the pain inflicted to their bodies and souls. Please help us, we need Your rehmat and fazal, You are the only one we turn to and You are the only one who can guide us and bless us . . . Ameen.

Main Kis Ko Poochne Nikloon Kise Talash Karun
Qadam Qadam Pay Juda Ho Gaya Koi Na Koi

*Author is an analyst and Freelance writer.


  1. khooda kuray k meri urzay pak pay ootray ” ;; wo fuslay gool jisay andasha e zawal na ho”

  2. whatever we planted we must believed we’ll get nothing different and it’ll continue for generation We are not ready to change our attitude We all know the responsible but we dont ve power to stand in front of them


  4. Thankyou 4 ur appreciation. Keep praying for our motherland.

  5. Amen… Brilliant words!

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