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Pyramids & The Noble Quran – 1

One of the nations that rejected their Prophets sent to them was the Ancient Egyptian. All we know about them in history books nowadays is that they were once a great civilization and one of the oldest discovered in the world, along with other states established in Mesopotamia at the same time. They were recognized to have been an organized state with the most advanced social order of its age. The fact is that they discovered writing around the 3rd millennium BC and also used it, that they made use of the River Nile. River Nile greatly contributed to the Egyptians in improving their civilization. They built what no man could ever imagine. The structures which stood intact for more then three and half thousand years and is the only sole survivor of the ancient, Seven Wonders of the World, the ‘Pyramids’.

The question that still puzzles the human mind is that, how these colossal structures were ever built, with their primitive technology and most importantly why build them in first place.

In July 1798, Napoleon apparently sat in the shadow of the Pyramids and calculated, that there was enough stone used in the three Pyramids of Giza to be able to build a wall around France, 1 ft wide and 12 ft high. The mathematician, Gaspard Monge, who accompanied the French savants to Egypt, is to have confirmed Napoleon’s calculation. Conventional wisdom suggests that the Pyramids were erected as tombs for their dead kings and queens. It is true that granite sarcophagi have been found in each of the three Pyramids of Giza, but there was never evidence of burial. It is assumed that the Pyramids were looted soon after their occupants were interred. But, again, there is practically no evidence to support this.

Soon after conquering Egypt, Muslims were the first people to enter the Pyramids after they were permanently sealed. When the Caliph Al-Ma’mum and his workmen first broke into the inner chambers of the Great Pyramids in the ninth century CE, they found absolutely nothing. To gain access they had to first bore three enormous plugs of granite, which they had discovered accidentally. These clearly had not been disturbed since the pyramid was sealed up and they found no evidence of any burial or tombs. [1]

But this so called “civilized” society was one in which “the reign of pharaohs” prevailed, in which the system of infidelity is mentioned in the clearest and most straight forward way in the Noble Qur`aan. They puffed up with pride, turned aside and blasphemed. In the end, nether their advanced civilizations, their social and political orders, nor their military successes could save them from being destroyed.

How Does the Noble Qur`aan Relate to The Pyramids and Why Were They constructed

In the Noble Qur`aan there are many events mentioned some in great detail and some in not so much detail but there is no doubt that the most talked about person in the Noble Qur`aan has to be Prophet Musa ???? ??????. Whose events are stretched out in 28 of the 30 parts of the Noble Qur`aan.

The events of Prophet Musa ???? ?????? are not just mentioned in the Noble Qur`aan but also have been revealed by God in the old and new testaments. As one historian writes that the most talked about person in all the major religions has to be Prophet Musa ???? ?????? or perhaps could be the most talked about person in history.

Among all these numerous events and confrontations mentioned regarding Prophet Musa ???? ?????? and Fir’uan in the Noble Qur`aan, there is no verse which refers to the Pyramids directly. But in two of these verses marks an event of Fir’uan giving order to his chief to construct a lofty and very high tower, big enough that it could be called the biggest building of its time.

“Fir’uan (Pharaoh) said: “O chiefs! I know not that you have an Allah other then me. So kindle for me (a fire), ‘O’ Haman, to bake (bricks out of) clay, and set up for me a Srhan (a lofty tower or a palace) in order that I may (climb) look at (or look for) the Allah of Moses; and verily, I think that he (Moses) is one of the liars.”

(Sura 28. Al-Qasas Section 4 Ayat 38)

In this verse, Fir’uan says that there is no God but him self for the Egyptian people. To prove this he had to some how show his people that Prophet Musa ???? ?????? had no God and that he was a liar.
From this verse we also learn that Hamman is his chief minister or more suitably, as mentioned here his chief architect because he is about to give technical instructions to the builder, from Fir’uan about preparing building materials for the construction of a very high tower. And before the builders get ready to work he orders them to make bricks by boiling mud on fire and prepare mortar.

Various historians have mentioned that this particular Fir’uan was the first to construct buildings form stone and bricks.

One of the most important words in this verse has to be Srhan which is a derivative of the Arabic root word Saruha which literately means, to be or become pure and to make clear. If one climbs a very high place he sees clear and has no obstructions in his view. That is why Srhan is translated as something that is very high and tall, which can be seen from a great distance and this is the reason why this word is some times translated as “to be seen”. The appropriate meaning here will be that a lofty tower or a tall palace and Fir`aun wanted to climb up this tower to see if he can look for Prophet Musa ???? ?????? God.

“Without doubt I believe Prophet Musa ???? ?????? is a liar”. Fir’uan means by saying this is that there is only one creator of the heaven and the earth he also used to think that whoever has control or power over someone and possesses political strength, he is the sole leader or he is the only one who has the right to be a God. Due to his ignorance he couldn’t see this in Prophet Musa ???? ?????? God so he proclaimed him self to be one. He still had a doubt that Prophet Musa ???? ?????? God just might be in the havens but Fir’uan was pretty sure that he is the only God in the land. So to get rid of this curiosity, he had to do something about it therefore he decided that he should climb a tower and prove to his people once and for all that Prophet Musa ???? ?????? is a liar. [2]

Imam Bagh’we writes that the majority of the Mufasa’reen (commentators of the Qur`aan) have mentioned that Hamman gathered slaves and workers in huge numbers to such an extent that there were fifty thousand architects alone. These workers included, brick bakers, limestone gathers, wood collectors, carpenters and various other craftsmen. These people got together and constructed the strongest and highest building of their time. [2]

The second Qur`aanic verse which relates to a huge structure being built is:

And Fir’uan said; “O Ham’an! Build me a tower that I may arrive at ways > the ways of the heavens and I may look upon the Allah of Moses: But verily I think him to be a liar.”

(Sura 40 Al-Mu’min Ayat 36-37)

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