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Pyramids & The Noble Quran – 2

We have already mentioned about Srhan and Hamman earlier on and also will later on. In this verse Fir’uan’s intentions are made clear, he says he wants to reach the Samawaat (the heavens) by the means of Usbaab. Samawaat (Heavens) can be illustrated in many different ways according to its sentence for example sky, stars, planets, sun, space and many others. But here Fir’uan is referring to the stars in the heaven because the Arabic word for “ways” used in this verse is ‘Usbaab’ which means, motives, reasons, means and effects for example one can say; the rope and a bucket are the ways and means of extracting water form the well. Using the same analogy in the Noble Qur`aan Usbaab can be translated as means and the ways of reaching the Heaven.

Fir’uan wanted to reach the heavens so that he could look for Prophet Musa (May Peace of of Allah be on him)’ “God”. This task according to Fir’uan could only be accomplished by building a Srhan (Lofty tower).

Relating to this subject Imam Badhaawe writes in his famous commentary of the Noble Qur`aan that;

It is quiet possible Fir’uan built a observatory on a high place so that he can observe the orbital path and the characteristics of the stars. So that he can calculate the correct calendar for his irrigation and agriculture purposes. Also, he wanted to know if God sent Prophet Musa (May Peace of of Allah be on him) or not. He thought that as he is the only “God” so he should have been informed or should know. So he wanted to prove to his people that he is right and Prophet Musa ???? ?????? is wrong. This shows how ignorant Fir’uan really was he just could not understand the concept of Prophet Hood and God. [3]

In recent discoveries archaeologists have found tunnels leading out of the Pyramids at very precise angles. These tunnels point at the position of the Orion consolation of stars. It is quite possible that Fir’uan choose these stars because they are the brightest in the night’s sky. As the pharaohs are known for worshiping sun and stars so its not surprising that he thought Prophet Musa ???? ??????’s God is in the heavens. [1]

To sum all this up we learn from these two Qur`aanic verses that the only structure which can be compared with Srhan mentioned in the Noble Qur`aan, is the Pyramids. As the Pyramids are the only likely structures which could have been built by the Fir’uan mentioned in the Qur`aan. Pyramids are the only structures that are in the right place, the right height, big and old enough to be in the time of Prophet Musa ???? ??????. Therefore, we can only say that Srhan is the Pyramid.

The Measurements of the Great Pyramid and How It Lost Its Top

The great Pyramid of Giza is a colossal structure composed of about 2,300,000 blocks of stone, each averaging in weight about 2.5 tones, and covering more then thirteen acres. The great pyramid is almost exactly square, with its sides orientated to the four cardinal points of the compass north, south, east and west. The maximum deviation in just 0.058° or 3.5 minutes of arc. One of the most accurate surveys was carried out by J.H. Cole in 1925. He gave the following ground plan measurements;

South side = 230.454 meters (+ 6mm)
North side = 230.251 meters (+ 10mm)
West side = 230.357 meters
East side = 230.391 meters.

Adding together the lengths of all four sides gives a total of 921.453 meters 3023.14ft. It so happens that one degree latitude at the equator covers 110,573 m 362,679 ft., making each minute of arc 1842.88 m 6045 ft. This is almost exactly twice the perimeter of the great pyramid (921.453 X 2 = 1842.906 m). So the sum of the 4 sides is equal to half a minute of equatorial latitude. The error is only 13mm. With such accuracy, the implication must be that this relationship was deliberate or pure accident because tunnels are to be found lined up with the Orion consolation and as it happens to be, the consolation is located on the celestial equator. What Fir’uan did find was, not Musa’s God but the Earth is round and he didn’t even know about the discovery.

The pyramid would have risen to the height of 480.94ft (146.59 m) when completed. Its upper courses are now missing, so it is now 451 ft (137.5 m) nearly 9.5 m 31 ft shorter. [4]

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