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Pleasures of Wealth and Pains of Poverty


By: Amber Ghaffar

Just a while before I was watching fondly an interview of Famous event manager Zareen Khalid (famous for her shadi and mehndi managements), almost speechless I was imagining how much extra money these UPPER CLASSIAs have for their TASTE and standard maintenance; at the same time glimpse of those news headings of suicides due to economic pressure were running in my frontal cortex.

I was just thinking again and again could I ever get a chance to see these UPPER CLASSIAS faces, how they react after reading the news of suicides due to poverty. Do they really read those newspapers who publish such terrible and shameful news? The 3 main reasons for attempted and completed suicides in 2005 were:

1) Domestic Problems
2) Admonishment
3) Unemployment.

In 2006, however, Unemployment became the second most common reason and Admonishment the third (an extract from Report by Aleyha Ahmed, HRCP Intern 2007 “Trend Analysis of Human Rights Violations- 2005 & 2006? http://www.hrcp-web.org/hrcpDetail_2.cfm?catId=166&catName=Reports)

It was so emotionally painful to listen all this and at the same time thinking about the people who are dying and killing not only their own self but also their loved ones just because they don’t have a less than 1 percent cost of these SO CALLED EVENTS in their pockets .

Think about it 5 or 6 lac event management… What would be its 1 percent I am not good at mathematics but I do know that a human (I still consider these poor creatures human) living in some lower class area of Karachi, Lahore , Pindi , Gujranwala etc don’t even earn this 1 percent. Do they ever feel embarrassment for a single moment for such taste which is in fact test for the lower class s courage and patience that how long they could resist this embarrassment of not affording AATA or books or new shoes to their poor kids and when they move to STORES TO BUY rapid and less painful poison.

Respectful Zareen Khalid (Amina Haq is her niece) and her lot belongs to upper classias. Her minimum charges are perhaps in THOUSANDS … (3 lac, compare Jugan kazim mentioned imagine 70 thousand as her minimum)

Does this article of mine , jumbled emotional tone of mine, could have enough strength and stimuli to change their tastes which cost millions .(I belong to middle class family and recently we renovated our kitchen that took more than 50 thousand ) around 5 days before I saw a masterpiece of ASHFAQ AHMED “Fahmida ki kahani”…

I pray to ALLAH don’t send any Fahmida near to these tasteful events some one inside me says hey amber don’t worry security guards are quite active inshAllah there would be no FAHMIDA around… Ha Fahmida could see it on TV read about it in newspapers and think about dying of embarrassment or becoming like them thru any means… Latter option is more common and acceptable in our society of morals…

*The Author is a Medical student of final year.

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