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“Parrots will get Degrees” – Sana Zainab

By: Sana Zainab

“You’re educational system stands nowhere on international ranking.”
Roderica, my German friend said.

“Yeah, I know but it does not mean that we are incompetent.”
I defended.

“I know there is much talent in Pakistan, but your educational system is strange. Don’t you think so?”
She asked.

“I don’t think…. In fact, the only need is to recognize the bright sides.”
I wanted to tell her only the inspirational stories.

“Huh…. You can’t provide equal educational facilities to all citizens. You are not able to make same curriculum for all students. You are still part of discrimination on the base of Urdu medium & English medium. Government institutions & private ones can’t be compared in your country. How can you talk about bright sides?”
She said in anger.

“We can’t remove the division of Urdu medium & English medium. We can’t provide same syllabus for all students because it is due to economic differences.”
I replied.

“Wow… You want to say that only upper class has the right to study in English medium. Why don’t you people make it a law for all educational institutions to teach same syllabus, to practice only one & same medium either Urdu or English, decide it by census or survey what your people want…”
She added.

“You are absolutely right but the thing is…. It will take time to be mature enough to think upon such topics…… Our political scenario is not stable, the only focus of our media is either to highlight the horrible incidents or to conduct debates on political issues.”
I did not know what to say.

“It means, you’re government do not understand that the well educated people can be easily governed. But let me say, apart from this, your examination system is also pathetic. You people evaluate your students on the base of memorization even on university level.”
She suggested.

“Yeah, I agree. But, there is no other way of evaluation.”
I replied in confusion.

“What? Don’t you see international institutions? They evaluate their students on the base of learning, knowledge, application, practical, assignments, not on the base of memorization. Their focus is formation of knowledge. But if your teachers are not ready to change this standard, a day will come when Parrots will also get degrees in your country because they are always so good in memorization.”
She concluded.

She was very much right. I know but who cares!


  1. Muhammad Qasim Zafar

    Very nice and noticeable article for every pakistani…

  2. Aslamulikum. I m glad to read this. Problems of Education system is the last thing people want to discuss these days, because there are many more to argue upon. How pity we are that we don’t have our education system even after 65 years. We keep on experimenting with our education system.

  3. salam i am very happy to read it we should take an action in our education system. from 9th class the books must change to english medium.

  4. you son of British , please write in Urdu

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