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Paradise Lost…! – Noushah Arshad

By: Noushah Arshad

In the darkness of night when stars twinkle at the sky, I sit near the window and think of all those days that have passed by, full of memories of those near me, who cared for me and loved me. I adore my past with all its shadows and lights.


I think of all those friends who were with me, who stood by my side when I felt alone and then one day, they just disappeared in the mist of the sky.

How beautiful was the time of my childhood when I used to run for bright coloured butterflies who were always far away for my little hands to reach.
Rains brought so much fun for me and a chance to row the boat in rain water.

A merry feeling to be in the arms of my mother. How lucky I was to have a shoulder to cry on, to have a lap that would free me from all the worries of life when I lie down in it. It was all so heavenly!

Everything was so pure and true. Our love knew no bounds for others. We never knew who was called rich or poor. Every child was our friend and every person was our uncle.

I look back and think where have those times gone? Where are those women who used to sell bangles at the door of my house for Eid? Where is that postman who rang our doorbell every week and introduced himself as “Dakya”? How much it is that we have lost with time and we never realized.

The shinning stars at the sky bring those memories back to me of my first friend at school. I had spent just two days of my life with her but these two days are imprinted on my heart and mind.

Life has sooo much to offer. Life gives us all it has . . . we never realize its worth until it is lost. O ALLAH! I am no more a child. I have lost my childhood. I search for that innocence of a child in me but I find it no more. I search for the heavenly lap of my mother but it’s no where. Where has everything gone? Where is my Baba Ji? Who had carried me along in last few years? When will I get a chance to meet him? When will that time come, when I will sleep in the lap of my mother . . . the sleep that will take me away from all hardships of life and I will lie down with her fingers combing my hair and my ears listening to lullaby in her sweet voice. . .

What else the heaven could be!!!


  1. No words to console evn

  2. beautiful writing really nice

  3. @ Farah Ahmed…

    Brilliant Effort, certainly we do miss our Old times, as we have lost our childhood!

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