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How Noise Pollution of Big Cities Can Affect Your Health?

As is the beautiful voice of a beloved or calming sound of a musical track a good way to relax, so is the harsh and loud sounds disastrous and stressful. Any sound above the range of 80db is considered as noise and prolonged existence of it leads to noise pollution. Noise pollution is the alarming situation which threatens the human health, especially in big cities, in several ways some of which are listed below:

Hearing Problems:

Exposure to noisy sounds potentially damages one of the most vital organs of human body, the sound sensor, the ear. Hearing impairment due to noise pollution can either be temporary or permanent. When exposure to extremely loud noise for a considerable period of time happens, it leads to irreparable damage and causes permanent hearing loss.

Behavioral issues:

Have you noticed that residents of big cities are more irritated then the rural area residents? Noise pollution is the culprit of this annoying behavior. Excessive sound pollution makes one irritated, annoyed and loose tempered, and a sort of unnaturalness and excitement is marked by one’s behavior. If you want to take help to get rid of this annoying behavior and stress visit Marham to consult the best psychologists in Karachi.

Poor Cognitive Function:

Due to regular exposure to bus horns and shrill voices, the ability to read, learn, understand and concentrate decreases significantly over time. Problem-solving capabilities, creative abilities and the ability to recall also decline due to the frequent exposure to noise pollution. In school going kids, this may become a reason for low cognitive abilities.

Cardiovascular Issues:

You think that strong rib cage can save your heart from damaging noisy sounds? You are wrong. There are many ways which make the easy path for noise to wreck your heart. High-intensity sounds cause a dramatic rise in blood pressure by constricting the arteries, disrupt the normal blood flow and also a reason behind high or abnormal heart rhythms. All these sudden abnormal alterations in the blood flow increase the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases in the long run.

Sleep Disturbances:

it is considered that at night noise pollution is at lower levels but during the whole day, shrikes of loud sounds have damaged your brain cells enough that these take extra time to calm down to let you drift into sleepy world. In result difficulty falling asleep and insomnia are on board. To get expert advice on how to solve out sleep issues you can find and consult the best general physician in Lahore, Karachi and all other main cities of Pakistan via

Trouble Communicating:

A noisy environment in which background noise is above the range of 50-60 decibels simply does not allow 2 people to communicate properly. Interpreting the speech of a second person becomes quite difficult and leads to misunderstandings and your voice may automatically go up a notch which is not a good parameter for effective communication.

Mental Health Problems:

Exposure to loud sound for long duration of time is hidden culprit of elevated stress levels and stimulant of violent behavior. A constant noise in the vicinity is potent trigger of headaches, tense and anxious behavior, brain cell’s death and eventually leads to mental health problems.

Play your role in reducing noise pollution, avoid beeping horns unnecessarily and play the music at lower sound level. You are definitely responsible in this regard because this world belongs to all of us.

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