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Main Baghi Hoon – Benazir Bhutto – Geo TV Promo


Benazir bhutto recited Dr. Khalid Javed Jan’s poem when she returned to pakistan in 1986 when over a million people welcomed her in Lahore. The poem was written during General Zia’s tyrranical rule. This particular clip is from the book launching ceremony of Mein Baghi Hoon in 1992 which I vividly remember as a child. The way she recites this poem just brought tears to my eyes. Hail to Geo TV who presented it from the pages of Past in a very beautiful manner!


  1. Mr. Khalid Javed Jan is my Uncle and I was in this gathering at International Hotel Lahore along with my family. I remember Benazir Bhutto reciting that poem, so beautifully. I Loved It. That is certainly an Amazing poem. Fits even today’s Pakistan.

  2. Benazir Bhutto is nice ladey…….

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