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If Our Leaders Can Do, Why Cant We? – Sana Zainab

By: Sana Zainab

“If our leaders can do, why cant we? “  He asked confidently. I was not expecting this from a youngster who was going to be a future of my beloved land.

I was coming from Karachi to Islamabad by air, and he was sitting near to me, filling some forms.  ”So, you’re from Islamabad?” He asked.

‘’yeah’’ I shortly answered.  ‘’I got my early education from there, and then my dad has established his business in Karachi.  He has a multi-national company.  Then I did my A-levels from Beacon house. Now I am doing engineering.  From where u have studied?  ‘’ He seemed so talkative.

‘’Nice.  I started from an Urdu medium school, then I studied till my masters in a government college, now I am doing teaching.’’ I said.

‘’ Teaching?  There isn’t any future of in this profession. ‘’ He remarked. ‘’I don’t think so; a teacher is a person who is creating the future of a nation. Isn’t it?’’I tried to defend my profession.  ‘’You know what, I want to do doctorate but it’s expensive.’’

‘’You may apply for need based scholarship. It isn’t as tough as you are getting it. I have applied as well.’’ He suggested with a smile.

‘’What? But you just said that your father is running a multi national company. ‘’ I thought that he lied.

‘’Exactly, He has, if you ever need a good job, you are more than well come in dad’s company.’’  He offered.

‘’Then why are you applying for need based scholarship for your studies? It’s not good.’’ I said.

‘’Hahahaha..   My dear!  What you think that our politicians deserve to spent whole nation’s money for their luxurious life? They are committing blunders with whole nation. & I am talking about just a single scholarship.

If our leaders can do, why cant we? ’’

He asked. I had no answer.  Everything was blurred. I was feeling dizzy. The plane was landing on Islamabad airport.  And I was near to cry as I was not expecting such kind of answer from a youngster. Yeah, whenever I thought about Pakistan, I was never ever as much disappointed because I believed that youngsters of Pakistan could bring the revolution but he said; ‘’If our leaders can do, why cant we?’’

I am confused, could not forget that sentence.  Should I leave hope?


  1. every one of us do corruption, as much as one can d.youngsters are hope of for furure, if they wont rectify their intentions, future would be worst.

  2. i think everybody should try to make himself honest and dont blame others. One must not find excuse for doing corruption by pointing at other corrupt people.

  3. good job 🙂

  4. wow, well done

  5. good work

  6. good way to elaborate the bitter fact.

  7. nice effort…..cha gyi ho..=)

  8. awesome. keep it up n be hopeful dear.

  9. welllllllll said. intresting why cant we???????????

  10. be hopeful sana. nice effort.

  11. Muhammad Sultan Shah

    Well Sana you should not loose hope.That one person who you encountered really does not represent the majority of our youth. As a matter of fact our young Generation is more talented, vibrant and visionary than our rotten leaders. Young Generation loves Pakistan and Alhamdulillah more free from racial and linguistic differnces. It’s jut a matter of time when we get rid of these useless politicians and showpice leaders. Keep the Passion high my fellows.

  12. Syeda Mariam Ali

    well said zainab. Future of Pakistan’s politics is blurred.Pakistani people had faith in their politicians since day one. Pakistanis keep on voting for them and they listen to them at all. But what the politicians were gifting us in return? What they did doing for us? They just plundered Pakistan, they sucked the blood of Pakistanis, they played with the ambitions of the Pakistanis, they damn care about the amelioration of Pakistan and Pakistanis, etc.
    Pakistani youngsters should have to think that its the time to bring revolution.

  13. good work zainab. keep it up. 🙂

  14. nice. well done gal. may Allah bless u to write more, to make ppl thinks towards their attitudes.

  15. well said. mari behna tu bohat sensetiv ha, u have ability of narrating a story. . Good girl.

    youth is the future of pak but these politicians are not our leaders, we should follow people like Iqbal & Muhammad Ali Jinnah. i wish we could have another leader like them & I am sure tht leader will be from youngsters of pak.

  16. true & sad, bitter reality of today.

  17. Useless …. the boy said right and the boy didnt realized one thing…

    “A Nation will get the leader as exactly the nation is”.

    if you wanna change our nation……. First Change urself… if you’ve changed yourself … change your surrounding if its changed than end of ur life is near 🙂 ….

    Thats an ugly truth of life so who give a damn abt changing everyhting???

  18. its thoughts zainab….we know every thing and we do lots of comments but there is no implementation thats why we are now here in this stage….WE lOST OUR REAL IMAGE OF PAKISTAN…..

  19. Nice, in really simple words, u have revealed our so bitter attitude.

  20. Bitter but true.keep it up girl.

  21. well said. nice work.

  22. its fact. . .:(

    well The basic requirement of the youth of Pakistan is that they should be serious about themselves, their careers and the future.If we will sincere to ourselves, then we will automatically become sincere to our country. we should be loyal & honest.
    nice effort sana 🙂

  23. very well said but i think we are the future of our nation if we start thinking like the politician then there is no difference between them and us we should be united and brought some change in this running sector if we do not no body can. i have read all the above comment i appreciate the words of ezza now i said that ( they are responsible for the past and we are responsible for the future of our nation ) we should change the whole system with our daring efforts INSHALLAH we will succeed and the time is not far when there will be only peace love and regard every where….. hope every body should think about it?

  24. good work girl, best of luck. do more 🙂

  25. Syeda Kinza Rubab

    well said.we should n’t follow others blindly, we are future of Pakistan, we should be sensitive about our each step as Iqbal said:
    afrad ke hathon mai hai akwaam ki takdeer
    har fard ha milat ke mukdar ka sitara
    and again said:
    nahin taira nashaiman qasr-e-sultaani kay gumbad par
    too shaheen hei basaira kar paharon ki chitanon par

  26. very well said, what we actually need to do is, to sensitize youth towards pakistan, and that they are not responsible for its past, but are responsible for the future, they can make or break the future of this country,,, doing it in a calm, peaceful way will help, but painting a bad picture of pakisatn, as though everything about it is bad, will only make them say “if our leaders can, why cant we?”

  27. nice work sana ….

  28. Nice. Keep it up.

  29. well done gal 🙂

  30. Very nice effort sana.. Keep up the good work girl.. people like you are the hope of this nation..

  31. Very well said! Youngsters of Pakistan have become very much ignorant towards their motherland. There is a need to burn the candle of emotions, a candle for which Iqbal has dreamed for….keep it up!

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