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The Way To Lead


by: Syed Ali Hameed

(Note : This Article was written to motivate the newly entered students at Air University in the Newsletter “In The Air” )

Ummm…. Here goes an article, especially written for the 1st semester students. I hope I won’t sound like Nadeem chauhan or Zakir naik 😛 here you go *winks*

Benjamin Franklin said: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

But with due respect to Mr Franklin I would like to add something . It should have been this way, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and the success that comes to those who really work for it”.

*how’s that?*

Talking about the students in particular, and having a bird eye’s view from a horizon, it seems as if some Anti-motivational intoxication has been freely and widely distributed amongst them. And they are enjoying its ecstasy beyond limits: never to act never to come out *Apologies*

So in the next few lines I’d try to elaborate on how to explore your hidden talents and how to challenge the existing rigid non- practical attitudes.

Before I move on, let me say that most of us are reluctant to start anything or take any initiative. For them , my advice will be, move ahead , leave your fears aside and remember you don’t have to be good enough to start something but you have to start something to be good enough… Believe me, it works.

The first step towards the success is, “know thyself”. You are the finest creation of God who calls you the “Ahsane Taqweem”, the best creation. You are bestowed with the qualities and the capabilities that no other creation has been honored with. So the best creation of God can’t even manage to pass the first semester? lol. ( well it happens often :P). This phase is often termed as “Self Assessment”. Whatever your dreams may be and whatever you want to achieve, it is important to analyze the reasons for those things. The reasons for what you want to achieve are your “why.” Your why is intimately tied to your purpose in life.

The second step is to “define priorities”. If you are a university’s student then you might have been entered into the 4- year degree programme. But understand the time when you have come here. It’s the time when your energies are very high and most of you would say “good bye” to your teen-days and hit the boundaries of maturity. So, these four years are equally important for you career, your intellectual growth and your social and moral responsibilities. I don’t agree with the approach that you can’t be the “all”(everything) at one time. Work on the principles and try to know something about everything and everything about something. The latter ‘something could be your degree or your major. If you doubt your ability to achieve or accomplish something, chances are you will not be able to achieve much, no matter how hard you try. There is something to be said about the power your mind yields on the results you achieve in life.

The battle is not won or lost based on circumstances or fate; the battle is won or lost in the mind.

The third step is “take an action”. Overcome your fears. I was once told by my teacher at academy, “. Ali, You see, it’s not what’s on you that is important, it’s what’s ‘in you”.( He always knew I was a genius *self glorification*lalala) Now you may come up with an argument that you don’t get enough time in this *beep* semester system. Too much assignments and quizzes are mind bugging etc but trust me, you can always manage to do something. Rene Godefroy, an award-winning author writes “You will never have enough money, enough time, enough support, or experience to start. But once you muster up the courage to take that giant step forward and start, the rest will fall into place. But only YOU can make it happen! Start NOW with whatever you know, whatever you have, and wherever you are.” So… “Shabaash”… kaam karo?

The fourth step and the most important step is, O Bhai!!! stay “consistent”. Sometimes you’ll say “ kya hai yarrrrr….. I can’t do it anymore” or make similar utterances and that could be a disaster for your success. Never give up. It happens at times that you feel like leaving every burden and going off to some peaceful place ( I am not talking about taking admission in Iqra or Hamdard.. no offence please 😛 ) but trust me if you are consistent and motivated , every trouble and trouble makers would soon admit your victory. Giving you an example of Sha’oor Society, when I was laying down its foundations, everybody was like “ O bhai… damagh set hai ?? wadda… shokha… nobody would support or encourage you “ but see .. We did it and today the name of Air University is visible on the campus of International Islamic University which is another milestone achieved by our society and within a year we are the largest society with the most active student body in and outside the campus.

The above were the four basic steps that I follow. I hope to continue on this in the next writing if you welcome the thought.

You know, history is replete with people who were short, tall, ugly, and even disabled but who shattered the ceiling of doubts and limitations to change the world for the better. You’ll see that people will get jealous of you and criticize you for nothing but let me tell you, never pay any heed to them. Be polite to them, respect their views but keep on working. Jealousy is a symptom of a severe case of low self-esteem, and it’s a disease that can eat us alive. That’s why jealous people are often angry no matter how well you perform.

In the end, I’d wish you a good luck. Believe me, you have come to the right place and you are here at the right time. Start working from today. Challenge the limits today and you will see the glory of success very soon, Good luck. Chill karo.


  1. Well written brother,(by blood ofcourse)

    A very late entry indeed, sorry bro I am not a net junkie that I used to be.

    when a society fails to establish it’s own values and identity, it “imports” one. This is the tragedy of Pakistan. The modren day elites have failed to establish a culture focused on “Pakistan”, so the confused and suffocated mass looking an opening to breathe adopted the above so called “events”, among many, as a catharsis to the missing links they feel within their own.

    One can see huge celebrations for events like Basant, Valentine’s day, New year’s day (not the hijri ofcourse) and the list goes on, but for some it’s a question why can’t we have a “Dr Abdus Salaam” day or “United Pakistan day” or something similar, 23rd March is no longer a day to celebrate & 14th august has lost it’s shine and just like a specie on the verge of extinction, we are losing all that matters and adopting … well … crap !!!

  2. ocljlwijlmcds

  3. Syed Yasir Hassan

    gud gud …..very thought provoking …viewzZ…..i am profoundly impressed by u …dear….may Allah bless u vid best of best ..& may ur efforts always bear the stamp of success…;)

  4. well siad ali 🙂
    Keep it UP …..

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