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Job Hunting in a Digital Economy

The advent of digital age has completely changed the way recruitment is perceived and executed. With an increased inclination towards digitization, recruitment is not confined within boundaries of location anymore. The digital economy favours a job search that is global. Employers, today, have the privilege to search the relevant candidates from a global pool of talent. Similarly, job seekers can look for jobs that are prevalent all over the world. In this manner, the conventional job seeking tips do not apply to the job seeking in burgeoning digital economy. Recruitment scenario of Pakistan has recently seen a trend towards digital recruitment through online job portals.

For someone who wishes to pursue a job in this digital era, here are some points to ponder upon:

Digitize Yourself:

Manual recruitment is slowly being replaced by digital recruitment while some companies in Pakistan still observe the former process.

In a digital economy where résumés are filtered through an algorithm, there are some steps to be followed.

  • Use keywords while building your résumé: Recruiters have started using programs that filter résumés according to some keywords. So, inserting them while touching up your résumé will gain you brownie points. The algorithm using those keywords to find the relevant skills will land on your profile. To insert these key words in your résumé, read the given job description carefully and work around it.
  • Digitize your résumé: With the ever-expanding talent pool, making your profile stand out is essential. Moving on from long descriptions and work experience, video résumés are up-to-the-minute trend. Demonstrating your expertise in a video is more compelling and easier to comprehend for the employer. Moreover, candidates are also making online photo albums and interactive websites to build a narrative around their work experience, making it all the more interesting.

Digitize your Footprint:

Candidates intending to build a footprint in the business world need to be on their best while updating their social media and LinkedIn profiles. Your online persona should be relevant and compelling. A lot of recruiters approach candidates through LinkedIn and later run background checks on the candidates through their social media profiles.

A lot of connections within the corporate world are necessary in order to progress further in your career. For the purpose of building links, you should not only keep your profile updated but also write to the professionals.

Another activity that needs your attention for the purpose of building a digital footprint is engaging in constructive conversations with expert communities online.

Digitize your Jobs Search:

You don’t need to endlessly examine newspapers to look for jobs anymore. The job search has been digitized for the better by means of online job portals. Many have recently has launched their job shop where they deliver precision recruitment to their clients by matching them with appropriate talent.

Additionally, a candidate needs to have all the necessary information about the prospective workplace. Researching their brand identity, culture, and growth rate before your interview is healthy since it readies you for what is about to come.

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