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An Icon of Strength – Noushah Arshad


By: Noushah Arshad

There was a huge and deep silence in the room. An old lady was lying on her bed in front of me. She was suffering with severe arthritis for the last twenty years. At that moment, she was unable to move, she couldn’t eat by herself as her fingers are no more in proper shape. Her body was distorted and no one can imagine the anguish she has suffered and she was suffering then. She was lying on her bed like a little doll, with such calmness and serenity on her face that made me forget her sufferings for a minute. She recognized me, greeted me with a sweet smile, and hugged me to her best. I asked her about her health. She replied, “Thanks to Allah, I am feeling much better.”

I was speechless!

The old lady belongs to my father’s native village and lives in our neighborhood. Few days back, I went to meet her after a year or so. The time I spent with her was an inspiring episode of my life. Apart from her misshaped body, there were no signs of pain on her face. She lied quietly and calmly. When I was sitting there with her, I could feel the positive vibes and energy in the air. Once, I read somewhere that thoughts continue visiting our mind. If you want to have good and positive thoughts then make your soul pure and better. The energy and inspiration the old lady had around her, was matchless. She made me realize how blessed I am that I can walk easily, I can eat every kind of food with my very own hands and I can see the beauty of nature all around me.

People say that we start getting worried and depressed when we do isolate ourselves from people around us and when we start avoiding the society and circumstances we live in. I’ve found it true in case of my aunt. Although she can’t move now, but till last year, she used to visit her relatives at wheel chair. She never missed a wedding ceremony or a funeral of her loved one. She cared for people without thinking of her pain and sufferings. And that’s why people keep on visiting her today. They love her and feel good to be there for her. She is such a blessed soul.

She is an icon of strength for me. I felt sorry for myself and people like me who create heaps of tensions and worries for nothing … I live with so many blessings of Allah. I have a healthy body and a perfect vision. Still I keep on getting stressed and making things complicated for myself. This is so wrong. Problems and pains are part of our lives. We all suffer, but what differs is the how we handle them. Why not to just take it easy and try to solve our problems rather than getting worried about them. And if you think that there is a problem you can’t solve, then leave it to God, pray and just relax. He will plan the best for you.

There was a voice in her silence, telling us to let go the resistance for things we can’t change and flow with life as we are the little pencils who need to be sharpened time by time to beautify the portrait called LIFE.

*Noushah Arshad is a freelance writer.


  1. @Adnan
    Ji bilkul insaan main shukar hona chahiyay aur jo kuch humaray pas is waqt maujood hay us per nazar rakhtay huay humain apni zindagi sabr aur shukar k sath guzarnay ki koshish main rehna chahiyay.

  2. i raliy like it or yi aak bhot hi achi bat hi kay inssan may shokar hona chahi jo ky is ko read kar nay kay bad nssan may zaroo paida hota hi

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  4. this post is very usefull thx!

  5. Thankyou so much for appreciating these little efforts of mine. 🙂

  6. can’t read an article without commenting it later. Thnx for reminding us all theses very basic little things that we tend to forget everytime. A lot of us try to live a relaxed and calm life but not really easy every now and then we come under the influence of our surrounding propulsing us to be snobbish and eager to get more and ungrateful for what we possess or have already achieved. And moments like the one u so beautifully described makes must us humble and thankful.

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