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Girls are Precious… – Sana Zainab

By: Sana Zainab

‘’Hey come back?’’ I almost shouted.

‘’ Ummm’’ He seemed upset.

‘’So, you are missing Neelam?’’ I inquired.

‘’No, not really I hate that cheap girl’’

‘’Aham… Aham I am surprised, it was you who was crazy for her & now…. ‘’ I remarked. I did not like the way he called her cheap.

‘’ Yeah, I was stupid because she was a corrupt girl’’ He gave him the title of corrupt.

‘’ Oh my God! You should not use this type of words for her should you?’’I wanted to convince him that he was wrong.

‘’ why are you trying to defend her? Well please leave it. I do not want to discuss this topic any more. She was a corrupt girl & she will remain same. Nature can’t change. That’s all.’’ He annoyed.

‘’ ok we would not discuss it again but let me ask one thing that why are you blaming her? ‘’ I asked.

‘’ Ohoooo.. You know all the matter that she had an affair before our interaction. Thanks God I got it.’’ He told.

‘’ So what?’’ I again asked.

‘’ My dear sister, what you want that I should marry a girl who had an affair. How funny!’’ He laughed.

‘’If she is corrupt then you are too.’’ I angrily said.

‘’ Hahaha I am corrupt because I am refusing to marry a girl who had her emotional relationship with someone else. Our religion, culture values, society & the most important self respect my dear… No one accepts it. ‘’ He argued.

‘’ What about you? Let me remind you…. Hira the next door neighbor of us, you were Mad for her, then Malika your classmate, Jiya our first cousin, Neha your friend’s sister, then your university fellow Saleha, now you colleague Neelam… their may be many others about whom you have not told me.’’ I tried to remind his so called love affairs.

‘’ Hahaha… idiot. It does not matter for a boy.’’ He was laughing.

‘’ It matters… my dear brother… it really matters…

‘’Bad women are for bad men, and bad men are for bad women; and good women are for good men, and good men are for good women” (24:26)

I wanted to check his reaction.

‘’Oh come on, why are you taking it so much serious? Our society does not allow any girl to do so but a boy could. Now would you make a cup of tea please ’’ He wanted to change the topic.

‘’Umm… It means girls are precious. Agree?’’

‘’ Hahahaha…’’ He laughed but it was not a joke.

I really think that girls are precious that’s why society wants more fair behavior from them. But this precious creature demands more respect, more support & more justice. His laughter proved that he would not accept it. Would you?


  1. who cares? ppl always avoid the rights of girls.
    well written. write more for girls bcaz u can betterly understand that how society tries to neglect us.

  2. nice. we should keep in mind that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.), addressing the Muslims on the occasion of the farewell Pilgrimage warned them against the values which he feared would be neglected after him, and referred to woman as one of the important issues about whom he said:
    “Observe your duty to Allah in respect to the women, and recommend them to be well treated.”

  3. women in Islam are treated like queens, indeed they are better protected than royal family, care them according to deen, well written.

  4. i am not agree with writer

  5. it is nyc. but bitter reality, best of luck girl u have potential to describe these facts in simple words.

  6. i think girls should adapt more modest behaviours,they should also educate their self about thier Islamic responsibilities. But when girls do not adopt islamic code of conduct, they could never be respectable.

  7. hmmm yes girls are really precious. If society demands more from girls then they should also be given more respect from the society.

  8. good but is not true for all

  9. well written,

  10. Good Job =) I see a graceful emerging writer!

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