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Destinations Pakistan Calls for Responsible Tourism – Be mindful, the Flamingos have arrived in Lake Ucchali

In a captivating video released on their social media channels yesterday, Destinations Pakistan, shares the story of the visiting Flamingos in Lake Ucchali encouraging tourists to experience this spectacular site, but take heed that they don’t disturb the environment. Afterall, we want to preserve the sanctuary for coming generations to enjoy!

Soon Valley is a special place, unique in an arid country like Pakistan. With an abundance of streams, lakes and hills, the valley plays host to the annual spectacle of migratory birds that seek refuge here from the Arctic winters of Siberia.

This year, the guests have arrived early. The great dance of nature has begun. Delicate pink flamingos throng the waters of Lake Ucchali and its environs. For the next months, this space belongs to them.

From the last two years, Destinations Pakistan, through their thought-provoking content and advocacy campaigns, have been actively pursuing the goal of promoting sustainable tourism in the region, to protect this fragile and unique ecosystem from the ecological threat it is facing.

Destinations is the leading travel and lifestyle media platform continuously striving for a systemic change through their ground-breaking original content and on-ground initiatives. They bring the most compelling stories and uncover Pakistan’s cultural and natural hidden gems.

In response to the global and national call for mitigating the effects of climate change and igniting the tourism industry, #SaafDestinations is their two-point agenda with a mission to ensure urgent climate action, while simultaneously paving the way for sustainable tourism.

Destinations Pakistan showcases the rich diversity and abundant natural, cultural, religious, historic and heritage tourism opportunity through breath taking content marketing campaigns shared through their digital assets and to millions of captive audiences travelling through Daewoo buses. Their outreach is unparalleled, and it is great to see them leverage their position to promote tourism and more importantly responsible tourism, ecotourism tourism.

The way we treat our environment is reflective of our society. It is now no longer a choice, but a matter of survival that we save our environment. Tourism is only possible if the destinations are preserved and protected, and biodiversity is sustained. Otherwise, there will be nothing to see and the potential tourism economy will see no light!

We and the Government of Pakistan needs to support and encourage organizations like Destinations Pakistan to do more and continue their mission.

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