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Do We Deserve This Type of Humiliation?


By: Anum Syed

Bravo La France! et des Francias, Je suis très fier de vous. c,est comme ca que ont a lutter pour avoir notre droit social. Pour protager,votre droit c’est tres important du lutter contre la fascism pour votre droit social, Il faut agir très vite avce la force du peuple, des cityons Francias pour avoir votre droits.

C,est varaiment, la force du Dieu est avce la force de cityons…
ce sont la les parole, que nous avon pris toute notre vie pour leur comprandre et agir sur d’eux.

Bravo, France and The People of France, I am very proud of you, for standing up and struggling for your rights… that is how you fight fascism and protect your social rights. One must act fast with the force of People, the citizens of France to get the power back for your social rights.

This is true the force of GOD is with the force of people… These are the words, which people take, all their life to understand and act upon them…

Along with our ethnic, cultural and genetic differences we all belong to the human culture and society, which helps us to understand the need for respect, love and care on mutual bases.

We should remember Culture is not limited only to the way of dressing up. However, all Europeans may dress up the same, and may look the same to a foreigner. In reality Culture has more factors involved in it, and has serious effects on People’s psychological nature, their way of action, living and presenting them in a society, than dressing up alike.

French are descendants of Celtic people who are culturally and emotionally very much different than the Anglo-Saxons. To understand the difference, between these two people and their “Mode of Action”, there is a very simple example to look at, is how these two countries, French and British Islanders have treated their colonies.

Where ever Anglo-Saxon has gone they have nothing to do with the local culture or their way of living, they just bribed the local rulers and got what they wanted for their own benefits. Anglo-Saxon did not try to impose their language or culture on the local people.

Where ever French have gone, they have 100% tried by force to change the culture of local people and impose their French language on them, made their colonized people believe in that their own culture is too much uncivilized not good enough to continues, our French culture is for better than the whole world. French are known to attack the roots of Peoples psychology and impose their own values and culture on them.
We can see their “Mode of Attack” on the people of their ex-colonies.

Anglo-Saxon would put dagger in your heart and let you bleed to death, and feel proud of it… French will give you, according to them a civilized smile and Stab you, on your back… would let you bleed to death… and at a same time would shout to the whole world, poor fellow is dying lets him out.

However about the main point of your article, “Do we deserve this treatment?” We need to understand few points.

In this business oriented world, we are all businessmen/women. Everybody sells their goods according to the needs of the consumer at the highest possible price, to make the highest possible profit for themselves.

In deals on National levels, these profits are sort out on national level for the benefits of nations, not at personal levels or for few persons.

Unfortunately, for Pakistan the most corrupt governance had made these deals on personal instead of national levels, they got benefits for themselves not for the nation or People of Pakistan. These corrupt People have sold Pakistan and the People of Pakistan on a very cheap price. They had Pawned Pakistan at a lowest possible price to get benefits for themselves, and have lost respect for themselves as well as for the people of Pakistan in the eyes of their bidders…

Pakistani Elites and privileged class of Pakistani people are not used to this type of treatment. I am sorry to hear, that American brutality has caused so much agony and hardship, and had almost destroyed pleasant journey for Pakistani Staffers.

Hopefully Mr. Qureshi and Kayani may have received Red carpet warm welcome from their Amrican counter parts at least.

However, it is vastly believed, that everything happens for a reason. Nature has her ways to lead and guide people towards the right direction. We should always welcome, every message of nature with open arms and try to understand the wisdom behind it.

It is our job to focus on the positive side of every incident and Lets make the best out of it. We should always be part of the solution, not the problem.

However, almost the same type of incidents, have turned Mohandas Krishanchand Ghandi, in to a Mahatma Ghandi and helped him to earn respect for himself and his nation all over the world.

Let us decide, instead of being victims and losers, why not to take responsibility for our actions and be winners, for ourselves and for our nation. Instead of being worried about how others treat us, let’s decide to treat ourselves better first. You want to be treated as a first class citizen then be a first class citizen first.

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  1. I feel that I enjoyed more respect in any airport around the world than in Pakistani airport specially in so called Islamabad International Airport (aka bus stop) where they have specially appointed rude staff in FIA, and CAA. If you enter their main purpose is to collect 20 Rs from each person, security isn’t much of a concern, practically they have sold right to accompany relatives when leaving country/city to contractors who have tickets on you for entry/parking. If you open your mouth for a query expect rudeness of CAA or FIA staff including female staff there.

    Not only this they are involved in stealing your luggage sometimes and many passsengers complain this. You are not allowed to take edibles if they see it and curtainly they take it to their homes, there is no criteria of what is allowed and what is not in edibles.

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