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How To Become The President of Pakistan – Asif Ghafoor


Written By: Asif Ghafoor

Edited by: Naveed Taj Ghouri

Option no 1:

Join Pak Army. Have close relations with corrupt politician. Set a dream to yourself… To Save Pakistan… and use the Army power to become President of Pakistan.

Perfect Examples:

  1. Gen Ayyub.
  2. Gen Yahya
  3. Gen Zia ul Haq.
  4. Gen Pervez Mushrraf.

Option no 2:

Join any party who is in power. Get support from Pak Army. Get some favorable attitude from USA. Get a proper support from current Marshal Law Administrator… and rule his power out.

Perfect Examples:

  1. Zulfaqar Ali Bhutto.
  2. Nawaz Sharif.

Option No 3:

Remind the nation of the sacrifices of their relatives in politics and explain them why he was crucified or killed. What was he or she up to against USA etc?

Perfect Examples:

  1. Benazir Bhutto
  2. Asif Ali Zardari
  3. Bilawal Zardari (Future King of Pakistan)

So you might be guessing what role Mullahs played in Pakistan’s politics…?

Rule 1:

Use A Good Slogan!
Pakistan ka Matlab Kya… (La Ilaha ilal laa) and use them to full extent so they make a country for feudal.

Rule 2:

Women can’t be president of Pakistan.

Perfect Example:

Mohterma Fatima Jinnah… Opting for Elections against Gen. Ayyub. Ruled out simply by just this slogan.

Rule 3:

Find the corrupt Mullahs. Ask them can be they do horse trading for us…?

Perfect Example:

  1. Zia ul Haq’s Support for Afghan against Russia.
  2. Musharraf’s Support in Afghan War for USA and Seventeenth Amendment.

Note: Some Mullah & Political Parties supports every Govt. For Certain Benefits!!!

Perfect Example:

  1. Molana Fazl ul Rehman & JUI.
  2. Altaf Hussain and MQM

Guess What…

I have seen some very rare decision in Pak history.

  1. Mr. Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi. Came directly from America and became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  2. Mr. Shoukat Aziz became Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  3. Nawabzada Mohammed Ali Bogra 3rd Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  4. Asif Ali Zardari becoming President of Pakistan!!!

Why Not to Support Musharraf?

One and only one reason…

Unfortunately we have not seen any dream up till now that suggests he can save Pakistan. So no matter how many dreams he might see…we simply don’t care…. Funny!!!

So Who Supports Musharraf?

All day dreamers!!!


How to become President of Pakistan?

Get Approval from USA (Letter of No Objection)

Get Favor in the Eyes of Pak Army. (or Join Pak Army)

Support all Feudal of Pakistan. (No land Distribution / Agriculture Taxes Act)

Promise to Screw the Poor Nation. (Army Operations and Task Force Missions)

Ability to Wage War Against Their Own People in the Best Interest of USA.

Political and Social Division on the Bases of Sect, Ethnicity or Language.

Surrender for Total Slavery of IMF and World Bank by Accepting Their All Terms To Get More Loan.



USA and So On.

Congratulations to all… You have successfully installed as president of Pakistan.

Sorry uninstall version is not available at the moment. Look for secular Patch No. so and so. It will be updated automatically from USA based Server when required.

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  1. There would be someother ways as well. isn’t it?

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