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The Basket of Our Dreams – Noushah Arshad

By: Noushah Arshad

A little child was trying to reach fruits placed in the basket on the table. His short height was not enough to get those fruits easily. He tried hard by raising his feet and jumping. He moved from one side of the table to another, thinking that his hand will reach the basket from any other side. He was desperate to get them as if he was hungry and wanted to satisfy his desire and hunger.

That child made my thoughts wonder. For a moment those little hands seemed to me the hands of a person who wants to reach his dreams and aims, and wishes to catch them in no time. He tries hard and fights with every challenge and hardship that destiny places in front of him. He is ambitious and desperate to reach the goals of his life. Trying to live his dreams, he tries all paths in front of him and wishes to get whatever he wants from life. Wanting to live his life in his own ways he forgets something very important like that child.

It’s not just the desire or motivation that takes us to our aims and goals of life. It’s the determination and patience; patience to wait for the right time and determination to keep moving on and struggling until we reach our goals.

That little child will not be little for all of his life. He will grow with time; grow in his thoughts, emotions and height. One day he will be a little boy, heighted enough to just open his hands and get fruits from the basket.

All that is required is patience. To wait and watch how God blesses us and fulfills our wishes. Someday we would reach the basket of our dreams and our dreams will be just at an arm’s length from us. We would extend our arms and get them, to live them and to feel the pleasure of every bleesing of God.

The pathway that lies before me,

Only ALLAH knows.

I’ll trust Him to unfold the moments,

Just as He unfolds the rose… (Anonymous)

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