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An Appeal to Overseas Pakistanies: Send Relief Goods to Flood Affectees – Free of Cost


The country is in the series of river floods that have hit the many areas in all four provinces. Lacs of people in rural areas have been displaced from their homes while hundreds have perished in raging river waters. People are in dire need of relief goods like Tents, Canned food, medicine, clothing etc. PIA has again revived its glorious traditions and announced free transportation of relief goods (Medicines, Dry/Canned Food, Milk, Tents, New Clothing ) from any place in the world to Islamabad, Lahore Peshawar and Karachi. (All online international and domestic stations -point to point).
International shipments will have to be endorsed by Pakistani Embassies/Consulates/ High Commissions and the consignee should be a registered NGO or Government agency such as National Disaster Management Authority.

Following priority should be accorded in the acceptance and movement of relief goods:

  • Life saving drugs/ medical kits.
  • Dry Milk, food stuff and plastic bottled mineral water.
  • Tents.
  • Clothing (New Only) etc.

Shipment will be accepted free of cost on PK Network at Cargo Terminals only on point to point sector. In order to connect from point of origin other than PIA Sector, interlining sector/ trucking charges will be borne by the shipper.

PIA’s Emergency Response Centre (ERC) at Karachi has also been activated to facilitate the collection of Relief Goods.

NGOs and general public may deliver the relief goods to ERC located at the PIA Training Centre Building (Karachi) near Terminal-1 between 9am to 9pm. The relief goods will be handed over by PIA to the NGO representatives / nominated representatives at the airports. Information and assistance regarding the relief operation may be sought from PIA ERC on numbers 021 9904-4372, 9924-2352 or 99242332. All those willing to help the flood victims can avail our services

All relief goods will be dispatched on first available service basis subject to availability of space.

All cargo will be delivered at PIA Cargo Terminal to respective designated authorities or organizations and all onward transportation would be borne by consignee(s).

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