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Acknowledging Our Parents – Noushah Arshad


By: Noushah Arshad

He asked me, “Have you ever acknowledged your father for his matchless efforts and love he gives you.” I said, “Yes uncle, I do, but I don’t remember if I had ever expressed my gratitude in front of him.”

He smiled and told me that once there was a man who was anxious to know how Allah manages the whole universe with such excellence. He wanted to see His administration and His offices … On his repeated requests and prayers to Allah, He appointed an angel to guide him through a part of His administration. There were three adjacent rooms. In the first room there were lot of angels who were working with files and papers. The angel told the man that this room is the “Request room”. All the prayers and requests of His creations are received and managed in this room. Then they went to the second room that was named as “Delivery room”. Here angels were busy in delivering Allah’s blessings to His creations. The third room was comparatively smaller and a very few number of angels were working there. The man asked that why there were so few angels working there and what was that room about. The angel smiled and told him that, the room was named as “Acknowledgment Room”. It was built to receive acknowledgments from people once they are being blessed with what they requested for. Initially there were large number of angels appointed here but most of them were free as there were few acknowledgments received as compared to the blessings being delivered to people.

My uncle paused for a moment and said, “So my dear child! Acknowledge the one who cares for you, who loves you and gives you his precious time. It doesn’t mean that you have to say thanks all the time. You slightest gesture can mean a lot to your father. Just be polite and caring towards him. Even if you see him with a loving look, he will be the happiest father on the earth. Mostly we think that our parents know we love them as they do, so there is no need to express it. No my dear! They do need some good and loving words from us. Appreciation and acknowledgment is just like watering a plant. Although a plant may survive for days without water but it will not be fresh and healthy unless you take care of it and water it. Our parents are two selfless souls who never ask for return. They are always giving and loving towards us, and we can never return them all the love they have for us, but still something is better than noting. Our few words or actions can make them feel best in this cruel world. Love them and be there for them for they are the angels sent by Allah for you.


  1. @Azeem

    May Allah help you and make you the best child your parents can ever have. Ameen.

  2. It touched my heart, i am also the one who never ACKNoledged my parents, but i will take care of them.

    Pray for me.


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