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When 464 Years Passed – Kalim Ahmad

By: Kalim Ahmad


Hayreddin Barbarossa was a strong, tall and bold human being. In 1533 he became the Admiral of Turkey (Ottoman Empire). By that time Spain was ruled by a christian ruler who was a stern enemy to Muslims and specially to Turkish Empire. Lost in the conceit of his might , he sent a message to the King of Turkish Empire to either consent to the submission of Spain or prepare yourself for war.

This insulting message made the Turkish King fierceful and Barbarossa on behalf of the King sent a historical message to the King OF Spain that ,”we will be waiting for you in the open sea”. As a result a dreadful battle took place which ended with the defeat of Spain. To take revenge of such a debased defeat at the hands of Muslims, the King of Spain extended his hands for help towards Germany and Italy. These three major powers organized a violent naval force and again invaded the Turkish Empire. Barbarossa again unsheathed his sword, came forward, lead his army vehemently , fought ardently and at last won the battle. This great figure of Islamic History passed away in 1546. His tomb had been constructed on the sea shore. Now every boat , big or small, when passes beside his tomb, pay homage to this great man. Barbarossa passed away but left a scintillating message for the Muslim Ummah that ,”we will be waiting for you in the open sea”.

Then 464 years elapsed and it reached 2010. Such a wide gap of time evolved a new kind of Muslim Ummah. Turkish Empire shattered into many fragments and ceased to exist. Consequently, 57 Islamic countries emerged on the map of the world. Muslim Ummah went on dividing into casts, sub casts, Pakistani Muslims, Indian Muslims, Arab Muslims, Iranian Muslims and so on. Muslims turned into a helpless, friendless, heedless, improvident, ineffectual and inconsiderate nation. 464 years of carelessness portrayed bare-footed and bare-headed Muslims. They got world-wide fame in lawlessness, inattentiveness, and unkindness. The world envisaged the Muslims as insensible, dispirited, ill-tempered, taciturn, unskilled and unambitious. And Alas! the world was true. Then came the turn of a huge ship sailed from the shore of Turkey to carry goods for their destitute brothers of Palestine. On the way this unlucky ship was entrapped by the Israeli Troops , they unsheathed their guns and the water ran red with the blood of 80 Muslims, out of which 20 died and the remaining were seriously injured. Muslims and even non-Muslims protested against this mean action of Israel.

Nevertheless, this was a practical message sent to the leaders of 57 Islamic countries, instead of a written message. Israel called out the honor of the whole Muslim Ummah but this is 2010 and amongst 1.66 billion Muslims there is no Barbarossa. The water absorbed the blood of eighty Muslims but the swords of Muslims are lying rusted in their scabbards. They are inclined to waste more 464 years in mere protests and questions from Israeli diplomats. Chou En Lai once said ,”Be powerful, you will need not to protest”. Israel is widely famous in showing hostility towards Muslims. In collaboration with India , she organized Indo-Israeli Intelligence (Tripple I) to enhance terrorist activities in FATA and Pakhtunkhwa. Israel is extensively helping Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir. India exploded 5 nuclear devices in 1998 , out of which, it is believed 1 was Israeli. It did not stop there but both the countries are still trying to put an end to our nuclear capacity. India is also the largest purchaser of Israeli war weapons. Israel is also threatening Iran of severe consequences if Iran approached nuclear button. Time and again she is challenging Arab states. She is using brutal force against innocent Muslims of Palestine. She destroyed atomic reactor of Iraq in 1981. And today, despite of the fact that Turkey was the first Islamic state to recognize Israel, Flotilla was ransacked. The list of her hostility is still long and cannot be abridged here. Is this not amazing that countries of different ideologies are working on the same platform to curb the peace of Muslims? Is this not more surprising that believers of one Allah and Prophet (SAW) are standing aloof for individual benefits?

This is the rule of nature that the blood of timid and ignorant nation is always low in price. For coward nations there are no”Salsabil”or limpid water, they always swim in the sea of abjectness. The soul of Barbarossa will have been wrenched by showing such a timidity. We spotted our spotless history with shame and impudency. We disgraced the names of our historical personalities. Our`s today is the history of our tomorrow. We are adding shame to the dictionary of our history. To sum up, I concluded that Muslims only spent 464 years and the infidels utilized these years. Barbarossa left many footprints on the sands of time for us but no one is ready to follow him. Is there any one in 57 Islamic countries to challenge Israel by saying ,”we will be waiting for you in the open sea?”. Forlorn ! It is not possible until we utilize 464 years and recompense our past.

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