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Here are 4 Things You Need to Know about Parking Lights for Cars – Aqil Malik

It might come as a surprise to many people when they learn about the true difference between parking lights and good old-fashioned regular headlights. After all, most people who buy cars buy them out of necessity and they just need them to get from point A to point B. This does not give them an incentive to learn about their vehicle in detail. As such, many differences (like the one that shall be discussed in this article) go unnoticed by the majority of car owners.

Plus, it is no secret that in countries like Pakistan, not everyone has the proper qualification and the training to be driving a car on the road since many people don’t ever go through the proper channels for acquiring a license. However, that state of things is changing now and so must the mindset of the average car owner. As such, differences like the one between parking lights and main headlights should be evident to any competent driver.

For too long, parking lights have been confused with headlights but they are in fact completely separate from them and have their own function. Not to mention, in more modern cars, parking lights are being used more often than ever before and you may not even be aware of it.

So let us take a look at some of the things you need to know about car parking lights.

Things to Remember

  1. Different from Headlights: Anyone and everyone can identify the main headlights, whether they have any experience driving a car or not. They are like the eyes of the car and are located at the very front. They have powerful bulbs in them since they are used to illuminate the road ahead in the darkness, fog, rain, snow, and other such seasonal conditions. They can be used at low beam as well as high beam depending on the need of the hour. Parking lights, however, have historically been placed on the side of the car and are much smaller than main headlights. In modern cars from renowned manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki, the parking lights are placed inside the headlight holder at the front of the car. But where the main headlights are bigger and more powerful, parking lights are smaller and are not used to light the way ahead but only mark the presence of the car.
  2. Different Function from Headlights: As mentioned above, headlights are used to light the way ahead on the road and they are placed at the front of the car. The purpose of parking lights is not to help the driver of the car (as headlights do) but to help other drivers on the road. In western countries like the United States, parking lights are required by law to be kept turned on when the car is parked on the side of the road. This also applies In any region where the speed limit exceeds 30 km/h. Especially after sunset and before sunrise, these lights are essential for any car that is parked on the side of the road so that others drivers can spot it and avoid an accidental collision with it. This is why older cars had parking lights on the side since when a car is parked; it is easier to spot the lights from the side. In modern cars, however, the parking lights are present within the front headlights and back taillights region since they are almost always automatically controlled. Most drivers do not even realize that they are driving with parking lights on since it is an automatic function in many cars, yet it is not the function of the parking lights to be on during travel but instead to be on while the car is parked on the side of the road.
  3. Style and Looks: Parking lights also make the car look better. Today you can buy car LED & SMD parking lights online from any online auto parts and accessories store to make your car look better and give it more style and class. There’s just something about car parking lights (especially those on the side of the car) that make it look cooler when they are turned on. The classic cars such as Ford GT had parking lights on the side to give them a better and more sporty look than the rest.
  4. Power Consumption: Be warned though, parking lights consume power from the battery when they are left on, as is the case with any electrical component. The real reason parking lights never caught on was because if you left your car parked for three days on the side of the road, the parking lights would suck the battery dry and so people just never left them on.

These were just some of the basic pieces of information about parking lights that you need to know about. Be sure to upgrade your parking lights and find out more about them from online retailers such as in Pakistan.

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