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Behind the Curtains – Across the Lines… (ex. is just a thought provoking & awareness creation effort especially for young generation of Pakistan. Purpose is to collect and write whatever could be in benefit for everyone. Moreover, the self actualization and moral character building along with information.

In fall 2003, when I joined Punjab University Lahore, I thought that a platform should have which may serve purposefully to institute’s 1000’s of students. Then I started IBITAINS @ YAHOO! GROUPS, Which got good success as far as an educational group is concerned, where members’ efforts were involved to promote it as well. But Later, as time evolved, I started feeling that there are issues around us; which people especially young generation over the internet should know. They should think about real problems of Pakistani society, which may help towards a better Pakistan.

img233/3839/fb14ry9.jpgAs time passed by, many things got change, my studies ended by there, I joined an organization for my economic needs, but this group phenomenon urged me always, to do ‘something more’ because the readership and access for the group were limited, and there was certainly a need for a broad medium. Me, instead of writing or preaching just used my Urdu editorials reading habit and directed the selected articles towards readers with respect that they are better analyzers and writers.

Also I would like to mention few events & personal source of inspirations. I watched a Movie… Rang De Basanti (Aamir Khan starer) It was such an issue based movie, which I think having common background of struggle against the British for an ideological land and a sheer level of patriotism, in it, inspired me to perform my ‘role’ according to my capabilities and domain. Then it was suspension of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry by that time dictator Pervez Musharraf, which filled many of us with anger and frustration. Then the events which took place like 12th of May Massacre in Karachi & the blood-shed incident of Lal Masjid, Jamia Hafsa which actually determined the parameters of BTC-IBITIANS (Now Bashaoor Pakistan).

This brought (ex. in to being, as you know it today, just an effort from me to mostly collect and write whatever could be in benefit for everyone with the norms of our religion and society. Since launch (ex. has been a success story all over the world especially in Urdu knowing community. So July 1st 2007, was the date when this site came into being, although domain was registered a long ago… but finally I managed sometime and resources to start this project. Especially I would like to mention and thanks to Daily Express, Daily Jang, Daily Ummat, BBC Urdu & 100’s of others resources whose website made my work easy… as all of the hard works and efforts are done by their original teams after the writers and I am acting just as a collector and publisher. Later few people have joined and helped me in hard times for the cause and still doing great job silently. I personally would like to thank Noushah Arshad our fellow blogger too with humble heart, upon her dedication and tireless efforts to brought the posts up to date.

On completion of 4 years this July ’11, we came to realize from feedback that a need to broaden the canvas is there. So although the affiliation with the old name remains the same in heart, we decided to shift the site towards a cause oriented name. This the name Bashaoor Pakistan came in to being and Alhamdulilah, we aquired the domain. Next challenge was to shift the site technically and data re-organization. Also we did some structural changes too. Gradually we are transforming the site without interrupting the readers and InshaAllah; soon you will see the site in whole new look.

In this website, I published thoughts concerning the ins and outs of defining and describing the situational experience of Pakistan. People write frequently about the future of Pakistan but also sometimes the past. And there are times I find it irresistible to delve into Literature, books especially poetry or even social issues in general. (ex. is not only serving as a collection of beautiful Urdu columns & articles, but also expanding our national language horizon through internet. In short, mission is to help make sure that you can find and read latest information as seamlessly as possible. I look forward to get your prayers, attention and hearing suggestions on what would you would like to see me cover. Dive in, there’s plenty to read…!

“Allah Aap Ko Aasaniyan Atta Farmaye Aur Aasaniyan Taqseem Karne Ka Sharf Atta Farmaye… Aameen!”

~ Naveed Taj Ghouri
CEO & Admin
Currently in Rawalpindi,
ibitian (at)

Last Updated: Sept 20, 2011
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  1. Dear moderator of Ibitians and BSP
    may Allah bless you for your struggle . This indeed jihad.
    I have a very important request for your consideration. Please stop publishing article of
    (dr) Amir liaquat. These articles are for the bashaoor youth, for revitalization of our shaoor and this munafiq can only do the opposite.
    If you dont want to take one persons word on it, please conduct a poll and you will know what the readers want.

  2. Mubarakan jee for a new take.
    wish you great of luck
    ALLAH bless you ameen.

  3. good site. me also from IBIT,

  4. great effort
    i like it..
    I also want to contribute in this work.
    really impressive…
    I am regular visitor of this site but toady i read the history and like it..

  5. Dear Naveed, i am simply impressed by your sincere effort, please keep up the good work…………

  6. i want to write columns about the current scenario

  7. A place where i spent three years of my life where i gather different good memories hey tell me i wish IBIT starts fashion marketing what you people said should i propose this to director its a new field and we have to adopt this otherwise ibit will be in trouble in next three four years

  8. Oh my God !What a nice collection of columns and ebooks.I’m hooked.So much to read . The site is user friendly as well….it was so easyy to rate the articles/columns.I have downloaded nearly all books the others …I already have.What are your views about Zaid HAmid? Some writings by Mr.Ashfaq Ahmad cannot be opened.Plz look into it
    Best of luck….

  9. Hi VEry nice posts i’sure i’sts nice

  10. Ahmed Mujtaba Malik

    well IBIT is a place where u know how to pass through situations and most of all it is place of people who can do the work on urgent basis

    For Ibitians we always say

    IBIT Rocks

  11. abhi tak ap ne mere koi madad nahi ki he taj ghaori sahab

  12. I AM AIJAZ BAWANY ADVOCATE LIVING IN HYDERABAD I AM FANE OF MR JAWEED CHODERY (bari mushikel say hota hay chaman may dedawer pada)

  13. AOA

    im also from IBIT..n its v nice to see such a useful information from my dept fellow..wish u all the v best..

    i also wanna participate..plz help me how i could??
    take care

  14. agr me aap se puri sanjidgi se puchun ke muje Shahab shab se milna he,pata batain? aap ka jawab kia hoga? dil se, khulus se,soch kr jawab dain.

  15. u r a hero man ! these types ov ppl r required here in pk … although i ve nt dived in , but it seems it has a gr8 knowledge.. go a head and best ov luck

    • @ Shumaiza

      Glory and all praise to Allah. I am nothing but just a humble being, its all you people who are converting this effort into success… Keep Praying and Keep Sharing 🙂

  16. Brother,

    It is a very good effort. I am a student outside Pakistan, and whatever time I get, I try to read columns on your site. I believe Javed Chaudhry is an exceptional writer. I want to read his collection of columns called ” Zero Point 1,2,3″

    It will be agreat service for Urdu reader community allover he world if you can upload these books.


    • @ Murtaza

      Thanx.. all you can do apart from visiting our sponsors is.. keep sharing and spreading the links among your contacts!
      Also do join Facebook thingi fan page.

  17. Hello bro i m also IBITIANS its gud to see a fellow giving greats services, Hope Dr. Zaidi see this.

    Keep it up

    God Bless u

  18. one thng more, as a student how can one help Pakistan? studying,yes but that’s a mundane, must-do affair.and frankly, i can’t consider education of this time as a very mind-challenging, thought-provoking, creative past-time.
    the thing is when u are reading and listening to such horrific, disturbing things going on, it becomes frustrating to sit and do nothing.
    a little advice will not go wasted, Inshallah :).wassalm.

    • @ sundas

      Thanks for wishes, keep praying, I dont like to give advices to people, because of 2 things, 1… I am not that much knowledgeable person to do so… 2… I am not yet too old to do so… 😛

      Any how you asked about Pakistan… simple, help Pakistanies, hmmm Share, whatever you could, a piece of knowledge, a tissue paper, a smile, a bread from your dining table, and a should with someone to sympathy…. help others in small, routine matters, be available, thats all!

      PS: One man can make a ‘difference’.. we have heard that… and you also know it very well, ….

      you just have to explore WHERE….

  19. Assalamualikum!
    a great site. you are gathering such a bounty of prayers, Mashallah. that’s a reward in itself, u know. add my duas and good wishes to ur share, bro.
    1 is a very powerful number. every no. adds to it. May Allah keeps His blessings topped upon u. AAmeen.

  20. Asalaam-o-Alaikum!!!

    How r u Bro? Yess, Inshallah I will keep visiting IBITIANs regularly. I am working as Assistant Director in Ministry of Labor and Man Power. Can you upload your performance on this website? It will be great to see you after these years 🙂


  21. So here i have found an old buddy! Bro, i m from the F01 batch, the pioneers of IBIT and i remember your stage performance on the stage in the fare well party. That was great. you are an artist and have multi talents in you. I dont know whether you remember me or not but i still remember you as a naughty and a jolly fellow. Just to give you a hint I was the 1st captain of IBIT’s cricket team and we won the very 1st university trophy for IBIT.

    Tc and regards


    • ya i remember many of the people from 1st batch and at least there faces. Nice to meet u bro, so i think you must be happy to see the ibitians name live and shiny 🙂 the reference of trophy is enough to recall your pic, so wats ya doing now a days… hope to be settled well.., i am, as i was, naught n jolly 🙂 but now people dont let me perform 😛 hehehe, few fellows suggesting me to join media thingy, which i am seriously considering, anyhow let see what Allah has plans for us, meanwhile you keep reading, keep sharing and keep visiting ibitians.

      thanks and best wishes

  22. I have’nt visited ur website completely and would clear my querries once explre it!
    How do u mange running this website that not only requires time but some financial support as well?

    • I told you, its Allah Who manages all, both financially and resources wise… As i described above in About that I started keeping in mind only to Play my part.. as a cause you can say.. not like one of those “What we can do alone” so me too is really unable to DO anything, so i thought that at least one thing I can do.. contribute online with some thought provoking material and give the youth and Pakistanis something healthy to spend their time over the internet, while not making it preaching, or boring or way to heavy ….so this came into being and Alhadulilah, success.. as up to 3000 posts are read daily 🙂 keep praying, all I want if you like it.. share the links of the posts with your contacts, in facebook, orkut or other site.. another service is add it to digg or stumbleupon or another bookmarking service if you have account there. I do my job and manage the site mostly prime time, late night or at weekends… its hard but somehow things are moving, as i told you 🙂 Allah hai na!

  23. Wonderfull! thanks for reply.
    I like these efforts and i hope this web site will remain a healthy source of intertainment and learning.
    This is actually my last year of fellowship and MSc clinical research with very busy and tight schedules. I would definitely try my best to get some time to be in touch with
    I would like to contribute for this site once my study year would finish.
    Allah hafiz

    • @ Dr. Amna

      Thats great news.. May Allah give you ease and facilitate you for your academic and career excellence. And you are always more than welcome to do write whatever you want, there is a separate contributor section… and readers surely like to see another addition in it. Keep praying for it untill…

  24. If u have email add of Umaira ahmed, kindly pass it to me.

    • @ Amna

      No confirmation but probably…

      umera_ahmed (a) & umera_ahmed (a) or try with dot instead of ”_” this is what i found from UA’s interview to some feminine magazine.

  25. It was tiering day when I was feeling very down due to exertion and monotonus pace of mmy studies when I strat searching on google for good literature that I can read. I enjoy reading good literature but was unable to mantain my this habit due to my studies for last 7-8 years. I found Peer-e-Kamil(PBUH) on your web site and the name and preface attracted me. And then I read it in 5 hrs in asingle setting; and my opinion changed. Two weeks ago while looking for books of bano qudsia i saw few books of Umaira on liberty books and ignored, thinking it must be a unrealistic, ordinay romantic story that I hate to read. however, There is an 360 degree change in my opinion also opened a new door of thinking for me.
    I like to appreciate the afforts of your whole team.I found your web site pretty different from others. Thanks!
    Due to lack of time I could not regulary seach ur website. could it be possible that I can have some regular email regarding whats coming up new here? Or Is there any way to be in touch to via my email adress? though my questions sounds a little bit unpractile but I know that possible for IT experts.

    • @ Amna…

      All praise and Glory to Allah.. its nothing just an Humble from me effort for the people, somehow to contribute or return to society and Allah knows what we show or hide. If you like this effort, you can help just by refereing it to as many people you know.

      Its nice to know that finally you managed sometime, and inshaAllah you will find this site more useful and interesting, and your questions are not unpractical, as we have already this service, if you browse at the end of the page the ‘footer’ section, where you can see and option to enter your mail, for subscription to updates, it actually send you a single mail in 24 hours containing the latest updates in site.. whichever interests you, just click and read… no updates.. no emails, i entered your email already.. just approve/confirm the link which you might have received in your mail and you will be on your way!

      anything else, you wana ask or share, or something you wana read.. just let me know!

      Thanks and cheers!

      Keep Reading, Keep Visiting, Keep Sharing!

  26. @ Sabika …

    Keep praying for me 🙂 Always!

  27. may u move on the milky way with errect ur head high Ameen

  28. well done and all the best of best 4 u

  29. @ sadi

    Thanx, and all i can say is keep sharing it with others, as this is my biggest courage to see you people reading this 🙂


  30. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for a site like this. Im home away from home an dhave ronically discovered Urdu Literature here. I am so happy that these forums are available for urdu lovers.

    I have been reading up on Ashfaque Ahmed and found the website through Facebook. If possible please upload Ashfaque Ahmed’s work in pdf format.

    Please keep up the good work and know that your efforts arent going to waste.

    Many thanks and all the best.

  31. Good Effort.

    WIsh you guys success, and hope and pray for the betterment of Pakistan.

  32. Salam to all i am now days working in ibit and its great to be a part of such a great institute , i would suggest you that you people shud also write your roll numbers while communicating.anyways its a nice job. why dont you contact webmaster to launch this officialy on the website.

  33. Thanks Ash, keep praying, All praises to Allah, We are nothing but as guided by Him. Keep reading and keep sharing!

  34. naveed u r doing an xcellent job .keep the spirit up.i must say the world z running these days due to devotions of ur type of people.its really so nice of u
    ALLAH bless u n give u lodz of success
    with lodz of praise n prays

  35. Asalam o aleykum wr wb

    Dear Brother, aap ke yeh kawish deekh kar bohat khoshi hoee … jo main soochta reh gaya aap ney wo kar dekhaya… dunya bohat chootee ha.. lakin Net ke Dunya bohat baree ha.. es site ka bohat late pata chala… Dais sey dooor rehney waley Muhib e Watan Pakistanion k leyeh yeh site aap ka bohat bara tohfa ha… Allah aap ko dono jahan ke har Falah ata farmaey .. aameen suma aameem

  36. Excellent Naveed,

    Infact its a terrific idea.

    All The Best.

  37. Now much to say, first time here and it is good to listen and observe when one is in a new place for the first time. Still an interesting site, I wonder what is it for…worth exploring or not.. time will tell.


  38. Good yar ibitians are doing well after graduating.

  39. excellent effort.

  40. well nice work best of luck with my prayers

  41. hey ghouri
    nice work, keep it up!
    best of luck with it!

  42. IBIT is Institute of Business and Information & Technology (IBIT) which is in The University of Punjab Lahore. You can have its official site here at:

  43. Great effort dear
    I really appreciate your effort
    May Allah Bless upon you and Give you Reward for reaising awareness in people through this platform.

  44. What is IBT?

  45. best of luck for your team buddy

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