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Kerry Lugar Bill – Urdu Translation

Complete Urdu Text & Translation of Kerry Lugar Bill… Read and give your comments!

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  1. frndz we are salves of america still 2014.intrsting yhing iz dat our army signed on ds bill.all our action and army action obay amirican sanit.

  2. “or hum us qom pe esa hi rehnuma muqarar karengy jese wo khud hongy” AL-Quran

    zardari ko gali deni he to media pe sar-e-am do… munafiq peeche se galyan dete hen is lie k wo kamzor hoty hen


    ASSALAMOALAIKUM! Kerry Lugar Bill is not the key to success for solvation of our basic problems. It’s the only way towards slavery! May Allah Save Pakistan! Ameen and guide us toards the righteous path! AAMEEN!

  4. muslims of pakistan have beeen doomed …. har ghar mai indian dramay dekhy jaty hain …. gals evenn dont knw abt religion , they r inclined 2wards western culture …. boys apreciate eachothers performance by numbering the gal frnds …dont blame the govt or leaders …. see the worth of nation first …. apni maaa behno ko sambhalo ….its a test 4 u people by GOD …. n pak army ko hamesha qurbqni ka bakra amaj k mat test kro …. plz mend ur ways …. pak army is not meant 2 do each n every thing in pak …. BE A MAN , NATION

  5. yr plz kuch to mulk ke leyesoch leya leya hota khuda he pochay ga tumhain zardari khuttay lagta ha kay to kise haram ka beej ha (“spirm
    “) .

    from abrar ahmad for mr zardari

  6. hum tamam log jinhoon nay ya comments diay hain mutahid nahi ho saktay khuda ki qasam sirf itna hi waqt hay ghair muslimoon ko sabaq sikhanay ka k hum sub 1 ho jain or Allah pak ko yaad karain or us k nabi k bataiy howay rastay par chal kar intiqam lain

  7. how cheap aesy comments deny waly inkalab hi laen gy…….

  8. mn kia bolon…jst ye kahon gi….GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEM SELVES….Zardari ko galian deny sy kuch nai ho ga…….coz “tm mn sy tm jesa hi sardar uthaya jata hai”…..in mn sy kisi ny b Pakistn k liey koi suggestion nai di…..

  9. Shame ghairat brigde. All are who opposing are belong to Zia regime. Shame to them. Long Live Zardai. PPP governmet manhoos nahee.Buqart Punjabi

  10. Wah…hisab to sirf Zardari Sahab ne hi dena hai..hum yehan jhoot ke toomaar bandhtay rahain..hum se to hisab manga hi nahin jana..hum to bakhshay bakhshwaye huay hain na..SubhanAllah.

    PPP Government waqayee manhoos hai.. Hamain to wohi muqaddas Government chahiye.. MMA aur Musharraf ki milli bhagat se bani government..jo Mulla Fazlullah ko palay… jo dehshat gardon ki pusht panahi karay. Zahir hai jo Government dehshat gardon ka sanjeedgi se khatma karay..uss ki “Nahoosat” main koi shaq hai?? Qatan nahin.
    Lagay raho Bilal Bhai.. America ki ghulami se bhi chutkara hasil kar lo ge..basharte keh bagher cheeni ke chaye peena seekh lo. Khudi pe hamain naz bohot hai.. cheeni na milay to hamari jaan labon per aa jati hai. Allah hamari munafqatain khatam kar de, aameen.

  11. we r not beggrs like our president nd fedral ministers.
    we cant accept the slavery of bloody non muslims Americans.we all hate the begger and manhoos govt of pp.

  12. we cant accept kerry lugar bill nd the govt of pp manhoos

  13. zardary shab,,,,,,,, ye sab jo ap log kar rahy ho inn sab ka ahsab bhi dena hai,,ak din tu,,it mean ready rhoo ap ka bhi din aay raha hai

  14. sharm ani chahie hamare leaders ko or sadar zardari sahab ko.jb pak ki awam ne infact 98% logo ne ise reject kr dia ha to phir kiu is bill ko accept kia ja rha ha.ye bill is bat ki wazahat ha k tmam leaders or khud zardari sahab ko ye bill nhi balk waha se ane wali imdad nazar ati ha or sirf apna account.

  15. Amjed saleem Alvi

    Kerry Lugar Bill was debated in our National Assembly, and no party, not a single party sir, demanded vote on it. Ms. Clinton was here, and she frankly asked us to refuse the bill, but our main parties sitting on both sides of the house, kept quiet. Then why you guys single out one person, i.e. Mr. Zardari? He is so helpless that he had to pull back NRO from the NA. Why u guys ask him to refuse KL Bill? Ask Mian Nawaz, Altaf Hussain, Fazalur Rehman, Ch. Shujaat and Asfandyar Wali to reject it, and Prsident will have no other option. But why not start with our own selves? Government is bound to import 10 lakh matric ton sugar which will cost lots of foreign exchange. ome on, let us start a campaign, ask your family members, your friends, your relatives to stop using sugar. Afterall we are “Ghairatmand” nation.we can live without US Aid and we can also live without sugar..Let us start save our foreign exchange, be a more “Ghairatmand” nation.

  16. Mr. president plz open ur eyes and do something for the benefit of Pakistan and plz dont depend upon others specialy america.America only wants to destroy our nation politicaly and socialy.America is a non muslim country and he never ever want to see us happy.SO PLZ SAVE PAKISTAN,NATION OF PAKISTAN AND DO SOMETHING FOR THE BENIFIT OF PAKISTAN.LONG LIVE PAKISTAN.LOVE YOU PAKISTAN.

  17. Annual aid of kerry lugar bill is 1,500,000,000$
    Total population of pakistan is 160,000,000
    Annual aid fo each person of pakistan 9.38$
    Doallar rate Rs.83
    Annual aid for each person of pakistan Rs.778.13
    Monthly aid for each person of pakistan Rs.64.84
    Daily aid for each person of Rs.2.09 I think we are able to generate this amount by ourselves
    please think If i”m right then say no to this bill and forward this message to whole nation Thank you
    Very much

  18. muhammad awais khan

    idont agree

  19. pakistan mai kisi cheez ki b kami nahi sewai ik ACHAY LEADERki humaray sadar sahab aur tamam polititions nay pakistan ko karry logar bill k zariyay america ko sold kar dia ab humaray future ka khuda hi hafiz…………..

  20. We have to reject all conditional AID, where our respect and sovereignty is at stake. Our politicians must realize whether they are in opposition or in government to reduce there expenses. If they bring all the money that they or others have transfered abroad, we would not require to beg from others. Before 1992 (I think) there was Law that a Pakistani citizen cannot keep above certain amount abroad….. and these politicians have abolished that law for their own sake.
    Currently… the best option we have is “Imran Khan” he is much more sincere to any other leader
    He has constructed and running a Cancer Hospital for Pakistani people… instead of killing our own people for $$$ ..He could have made Industry and Hospital for his own benifit too….
    We all should support him, I believe with our support he can save us InshahALLAH!!!

  21. Software engineer


  22. Bohot khushi hui keh hamaray naujawanon main bhi inquilab barpa karnay ka josh hai. Aisay Inqalabiyon ke qurban jaye jo inquilab barpa karnay ke liye bhi generals ki rah daikhtay hain. Kaash her saal 16th December ko bhi aap ki inquilabi ghairat jaga karay. Iss manhoos tareekh ko, 1971 main, aik general, Agha Muhammad Yehya Khan pakistan ke sadar theh, aur aik Genearl Ameer Abdullah Khan Niazi ne Dhaka ke Paltan Maidan main India ke General Jagjeet Singh Arorra ke samnay surrunder kia tha. Uss ke badd 2 saal pehlay tak, General Niazi iss pak sarzameen per dandanatay rahay, aur hamaray so called revolutionaries meethi neend soye rahay. Kaash Inquilab uss waqt barpa kartay, jub Nawaz Shareef, 4th July 1999 ko, America main baithay Atal behari Vajpayee ki sharayet per sulahnamay per dastakhat kar rahay theh. Hamari ghairat to tub bhi soyee rehti hai jub nawaz shareef Musharaf ko ragrra laga rahay hotay hain, aur neend ke khumar main hum yeh bhi nahin poochtay keh pyaray Mian Sahab, Kargil ka adventure yaqeenan jurm tha, to kia aap ne uss jurm ke silay main Musharraf ko Chief of Army Staff ke saath Chairman Joint Chieves of Staff Committee banaya tha? Kia uss waqt uss ka court martial kartay aap ki tangain kapkapa rahi theen? jis jigray se aap aaj uss per muqadma qaim karnay ki baat kartay hain, kash woh daleri aap ne tub dikhayee hoti to kisi ko 12 October karnayt ki jurrat na hoti. Bhai “Inquilabi”, aik to aap mutalya ki aadat dalain, parrhain keh inquilabion ki kaisay kaisay halat ka samna karna parrta hai. Aur phir apnay aap ko uss naik maqsad ke liye tayar karen. Kash aap ne jo baat bass kehnay ko keh di hai, hamaray naujawanon main woh inquilabi rooh paida ho jaye. Uss ke liye zaroori hai aap ka mann ujla ho, sach bolna shuru karen aur sach sun saknay ki salahiyat bhi paida karen. Allah hum sub ka hami o nasir ho, aameen.

    Rahi Amerian Imdad, to bhai, imdad ki zaroorat to hamaray inquilabi generals ki meherbanion se hamain hai, aur aap aik aur general ki zaroorat mehsoos kar rahay hain, huay tum dost jis ke dushman uss ka asman kiun ho. Zardari sahab ko gali de ke jee khush hota hai to zaroor den, lekin iss qom per rehem karen, hamen kisi General ki zaroorat nahin. Kia hum ashraful makhlooqaat nahin? phir yeh ghulamana zehniyat kiun keh hum danday se hi theek hon ge? Jub kweh 4 martial laws yeh sabat kar chukay keh hamara yewh haal generals ke hathon hua? Agar aap ka inquilab yehi hai to bhai…hum aisay inqulabi ki nisbat rujat pasand hi bhalay.

  23. KERRY LUGAR BILL ko accept karna brdashat se bahir hai. i request to army cheif to take action against it …. hum new generation ko majboor na karay k hum inquilaab par utar ayain. we condemn this bill and we feel very sorry for this government taht they are accepting this aid.

  24. Aaj kal kerry Lugger bill k buhat charchay ho rahay hain or gov, party jo aap ko sab pata hay k kon si pary hay es ko defend karnay lagi hay jasy pakistan is aid per hi jeeay ga politician ko sharm ani chahay jo is bill ko support ker rahay hain ye sab bagarit ho gay hain mulak ka to koi kahail nahi hay bas aapni zaat k liay sochatain hain Pakistan p itni khatrnak conditions lagva k us ko apni buhat bari fath bana rahay hain. or qoum ko mubarak bad dain rahin hain en ko sharm aani chahiey.or onhanay nay qoum k radeamal dekh hi liya hay.

  25. mujay lagta hay k zardari ko president banaya hi isi liye gia tha k Paksitan pr zardari k zariye hakomat ki jaye. zardari accually USA ka banda hay Hussain Haqani ki tarah.

  26. Pakistan Army Zindabad,
    They can bring the good days again in Pakistan., Inshallah.

  27. mat galian do in hukmarano ko. galion se yeh nahi sudharen ge. hamara RAB hum se naraz hy usse mana lo sare hukmaran seedhe ho jaen ge. Namaz regularly parhen or apne liye, pakistan k lye or sari ummat ki hidayat k liye dua karen. Allah hum sab ko Ummat-e-Muhammadi hone ka ehsas dila de(Ameen)

  28. Jitna khana hai kha low Pakistan ko . Zardari khaow or khaow. Zardari saheb Pakistan ki lands ko ahista ahista Private companes ko sustai damow mai sell kur raha hai . Kuch khaber nahi . Zardari ko vote dainay walon ki awam 100 % jahel illitrate thi. Is illitrate awam ko jagoW or reality dekhaow mager kaisay ??????? Tell me? how to

  29. Zardari Zardari Zardari Buksssh dou is Pakistan ko or yaha ki awam ko . Na pani hai , na Electricity hai Na education hai , Na rooti, Na Law and oder hai , Tum jaisay politicians Mulk ko kha kha kur apnay mehal kahi or bunwalongai laykin is masoom aWam ka kabhi nahi socha is kerry loger bill ka impact Future mai bohut bora hoga .Or is nw generation per is ka aser kafi paray ga.Allah karay tum Currupted Politicians Pai Allah ka Aisa Azaab nazel ho k Shayed hi kisi pai hoa ho Or woh sabuk banay baqi k logow k lya Ameen .

  30. Reham malik aur zardari aur is waqat jitne be asambli ke member is bil ke haq mai hai un ko chahye ke agar itna he pesa in ko chahye tu apni behan betiyo ki kamai kha le.zardari begharat bakhtawar ko har raat becho begharat pakistan ko kyo bech rahe ho aur ya jo haram zade rehman malik aur Shah Mehmood Qureshi apni apni maa behan ko kyo nahe bechte kotiyo ke bachee………..

  31. americaa ke aur kise country par to man mani chalti nai to bus ban gy yahn ky CHADURY SB.aur hum ny bee kahn kuch kehna.bill humary national interst main to ha hee nai ooper sy humara media bee us tarh aisy condem nai kr raha jasy haq hota ha.establishment aur PPPP government wasy bee Pakistan beechany par tuli hoi hai.

  32. Salam Dear Friends.

    Itne jazbati kai ko ho rahe hoo? jab se pakistan azad hua hai tab se bheek mangtay aye hain hum log aur america ke ishare per chalte aye hain, ek aur bill pass kar lia to kia hoga? waise bhi apnon se jotey khaney se behter hai dosron jotey khaye jain, is mulk mein chand aisey log hain baki sary to bus….. any ways agar himmat hai ti cheeni ke rate kam karwao, loadsheding khatam karwao, ata sasta karwao? kia kar saktey hoo yeh sab? agar nahein kar saktey to yeh bill bhi pass honey do.

  33. In sb main kuch hum logon ka b haat hy na kabi protest kiya na kary gain ab ye nobat agai k America ki GHulami krna pary gi wesy tou abi b kr rahy hain bu t bad main SB k samny hogi inki ghulami abi b waqt hy k ek hojain or tamam party sy taluq toor kr “Young Generation stength” ko use kr sakty hain ye hamara farz hy warna any wali tamam New generation hm logon ko hi Qossor war teh ray gi….

  34. assalamulikum,

    i guess PPP govt forgotten the slogan of BIBI…which our president often repeat on her death…”DEMOCRACY IS THE BEST REVENGE”..
    by implementing kerry luger bill is he showing democracy or dictatorship….dis means dey r accepting da fact dat dey lack ability to run a country nd needs outsiders support….
    besharmi ki hud hai…only dead fishes float wid water…zinda jaweda log apna rasta khud bnate hain……agar kisi se PAKISTAN nhai chalta tu no worries….v dont want parliament government laws leaders political parties….v run our nation by our own…ye abhi bhi khudi chal raha hai ALLAH ke fazal se…tum logo ke bagair is se bhut acha chal sakta so leave us v dnt need u…v r enough….zabardasti musalat kardiye gaye ho hum per….nd u ppl knw koi tum logo ki izat nhai karta phir bhi chor ke jate nhai…kitna khao ge…
    qyamat ki nishanio mai se aik hai…”LEADERS WILL BE WORST AMONGST US”

  35. Shah Khalid Khan Yousafzai

    Khuda k lyea. Zardari Sharam Kar mulk ko bechna chor day.

  36. Shah Khalid Khan Yousafzai

    This bill is being rejected by all PAKISTANies. Our Leaders should know that what they did to our muslim brothers and sisters in IRAQ and in AFGHANISTAN. Now thay wana come to our HOMELAND.

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