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Bollywood actors are comfortable working with taller actresses

At 5’9″, Deepika Padukone towers over most leading men in the industry, even without heels.

Shah Rukh Khan is about an inch shorter while her Cocktail co-star Saif Ali Khan is two inches shorter than the actress. And increasingly, most actors are getting used to being vertically challenged by the fairer sex.

SRK says, good-humouredly, “There is definitely one advantage of pairing with Deepika. Between shoot breaks, she helps me pick clothes from the top racks.” Five-foot-six-inch Aamir who romanced the tall Katrina Kaif (5’8″) in a recent release, cheekily said he loves romancing taller women.

This wasn’t always the case. It is heard that one of the tallest actresses in the 80s, Zeenat Aman had diaries full of anecdotes about heroes who were propped with high-heeled shoes and even cushions to look taller. In particular, Rishi Kapoor and the late Rajesh Khanna, the shortest actors of their generations, had a tough time.

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