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Pakistan Auto Industry Might Now Advance – It’s About Time!

Here’s the latest we heard from Islamabad- Belarus Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko met Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi, Minister of Industries where he showed interest of investing in Pakistan Industrial sector.

Thumbs up and cheers to Pakistan, for being recognized and considered for such industry promoting investments. As details of this meeting reveled by Motor Traders, Semashko said his country is interested in investing agriculture machinery, mining, and heavy machinery along with auto sector.

Isn’t that something we all want to hear? Seeing Pakistan Auto Industry standing out, somewhere and somehow!

Well, more from the minister-Belarus seems interested in investing in tractor manufacturing. According to him, their government is considering designing a tractor policy for promoting tractor manufacturing industry.

This interest and similar investments owe a lot to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) corporation announcement. The current trade between Pakistan and Belarus is worth $56 million, major part of which is agricultural products.

Meanwhile, a delegation of Belarusian companies led by Vladmir Ulakhovich, the Chairman Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held in Islamabad where development of economic and business cooperation of Pakistan was explored.

This delegation was powerfully representing the textile, energy, logistics, automobile, chemical and petrochemicals industry, agriculture & industrial machinery, clothing & footwear and oil & gas sectors. Vladimir emphasized how Belarus was technologically advanced country and Pakistan could work on the economic relations for befitting for its economy.

President of Belarus is soon to visit Pakistan for improving the bilateral relations of the two, while both enjoy good political relations. Khalid Iqbal Malik, the president of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, both countries started cooperation back in 1960 for import and assembly of Belarus tractors.

He also said that Pakistan is strong in agriculture sector; therefore both countries have a great scope in promoting cooperation. He also stressed on Belarus becoming strategic partner of Pakistan in production of value added exported products.

Most significantly, Khalid stated that since Pakistan has the second largest market of South Asia, therefore Belarus should set up industrial plans for producing all kinds of vehicles such as, dumper trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, cranes, and other latest technology embedded solutions in the same sector.

What We Want to See- We know that it’s pretty casual for automobile companies around the world, to release the latest cars every couple of months. Since, there are hundreds of these car companies, but there are still a few that run the industry. For instance, Toyota owns more than 15 different car companies which produce their own product but are still under the management of Toyota INC.

We understand that there’s one big giant in every country that controls the monopoly of automobile industry, just how Pakistan Toyota has control in Pakistan. We love Toyota! But Pakistan has to excel from Toyota and Honda or Suzuki. Although, there are many other cars on Pakistan roads, but you won’t find a Pakistani citizen who doesn’t get influenced with a new Toyota model.

And just when we’re talking about the latest model, 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is the most technologically advanced and best equipped car that has beaten two decades of history in the same model.  With advance technology both under the skin and in interior, the car will hit the market by the end. You want to find out more about this piece, check for its review.

Source: Motor Trader

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