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Zero Point - Javed Chaudhry

Sikh Fauj – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry unfolds the pages of History.. Another column from the archives!!!



  1. i hv a bok . shacha sauda urdu language in pdf file. if u want to read this book please contact me on E-mail ([email protected]) this book’s writer’s name is Tariq Javed is a muslim scholar who search on sikh history. this book is not available in markeet. this book is free of cost .
    Thank You
    Mariyam Tariq

  2. you write very interested but our present ruler too the Sone of prevous sikh ruler every ruler like to get ask “Wadeera”

  3. isi trh likha kren chohdry sb,k log smjh b jaen or fresh b ho jaen, aj k hukmrano ka zikr choren wo 100 sal bad ap ka koi peti bnd bhai is i trh kr ley ga jis trh ap aj ranjeetey ka kr rhey hen

  4. Ch sb, nice story

  5. ASA
    all compents are respectable and valueable, but the comments of Mr. Ishtiaq for UK are for nobel cause, plz see and do something even pray for them.

  6. No Sir iska aaj kay halat say compare nai kiya jasakta, aur aisa hay bhi nai

  7. Amazing grasp on the history you have got sir …. Impressed. And wont miss a single column from you ….



  9. Javed sab app kay column rozana read kartha hoon.

  10. Javed choudhary sab app kay column main razan read karth hon,awr column say razana seektha hon.

  11. Mohummud Idrees Husain

    Dear Chaudhery sahib
    Salam. Tonight at 10 pm I heard the debate. Let me tell you that I am a retired PAF officer living in Malir Cantt Karachi. I was compelled to go to the airport to recieve a relative on 12th May, 2007. I was stopped at the Model Colony intersection on the main road leading to the airport BY MQM rogues. I was alone in my car. The man not only prevented me but put a gun on my temple and threatened me despite my saying that their job was to ensure law & order and not to threaten ordinary citizen. These rascals were out & out doing their own bidding and that of Musharraf. They are pure fascists of the first order. They are a mafia, pure & simple. They need to be disbanded frankly or they are a frankenstein or a monster. This is truth and unfortunate one.

  12. I am sorry to say,Pakistan k aajkal k halat b Lahore k mazi sa mikhtalif nae hain!
    Allah khair kery

  13. aoa.weldone
    you r jenies.you r great.

  14. ch sahib yeh kisay ho sakta hay kaya ajj kay halat say iss ka koi talooq nahi ……..history appnay aap ko durahay gee lagta hay …..

  15. This article is a “mischievous” distortion of Sikh History… Mr. Javad Chaudhry needs to do much more extensive study /research before writing such “biased & baseless” articles… I will give “0” Marks to Mr. Javad Chaudhary in his History Exam.

    P.S. — Mr. M Farukh, I wonder which “pathetic and foolish” ethinic group do YOU belong to… Take care.

  16. Ch Sahib. It is good gossip only. Some foolhardy will admire this column without even getting the essence of it. Army might be corrupt in Sikh era but now the whole nation is corrupt. You see every middle class (90%) of Pakistan are having 2 electric meters installed at their homes – they go to mosques 5 time while passing close to those 2 meters and then wonder Why Allah is listening to their prayers. We are a Nation of Thieves with no self respect. We do not need anyone but REFORMER who could transform us into a nation – Inqalaab or whatever everybody is talking cannot come or cannot deliver till we are prepared for that.

  17. Sikh and Pathan these two are pathetic and foolish group of people. Now see what has happened with Sikhs lol.
    Pathans hv been defeated comprehensively but still if u talk to them they wud say: AAmmm paaatan ee, Aammm geerat mand ee, Ammm bahadur eeee.
    lolz. n we all knw how brave and geerat mand they are. Atleast Sikhs are a brave nation.
    On other hand, afghanis and pathans are known for their stealing, crimes, beggary and dependence on others to live their lives. See pathan every where n u’d see them living their lives on shoulders of other.
    By the way how many sikh n pathan we hv seen contributing in research and technology?
    I knw there isnt much connection of wat i’ve said on ths page but its worth keeping in mind that some group of people are made to live in illusions. 🙂

  18. zabardas…… but what about the last sentence that this is not for now a days circumstances…

  19. Salam sir javed, i am ishtiaq ahmed from uk luton city i m here from 6 years but u know i always read and watch pakistani news also ur program called kal tak. my main question and topic is for u about actors stage darama actors and xyz….. i cant sleep from 2 days when i hear about babbu baral and mastana saab…. i have a request to u and all other please help them they need our help they need us….. please its a big request to u and all pakistan do something for them.. govt of pakistan do many things for xyz but govt of pakistan never think about them good example >>( aziz Qwal ) i got hope to u and all pakistan sorry and sad to say not to govt of pakistan …….

  20. Javed Sab,

    Exelent work.

  21. shayad k yter jai tere dil main meri baat

  22. i think pakistan today same like this
    (( ae Meri kom soch zara ))

  23. Good investigatory column about “Sikha Shahi” which has some resemblance to present situation of our country (I think)

  24. colum k end wala not ” samag ty tusi gay na’
    wali baat he ha…………..

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