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Coffee aur Cup – Naveed Taj Ghouri

Often we complain too much of life and what it has given to us. Emerging columnist Naveed Taj Ghouri in his latest Urdu Column writes another motivational column about life and reveals new perspective to deal with. A Must Read! Published in Daily Ausaf 14 July, 2013.




  1. G bilkul thek apni zindge sy mutmaen hona byshak Allah ki rehmat ha

  2. Hamza sardar niazi express (ctn)

    Wel done ghouri sab wel done

  3. Great! you have conveyed the message in the best possible manner. Keep it up. Stay happy!

  4. agar soch ka zawia darust kar lay tu hum b professor jitnay mutmain ho jain

  5. I am reminded of the comment made by passers by on the Arthi of Prem Chand.
    Ke rehal ?
    Mua koi Master tha.
    In todays consumerist world Packaging is more important than the content.

  6. Good Advise. Do u follow it?

  7. hats off to professar sahb=)

  8. buhat zaberdast,ager sab ki samejh mey ya bat aa jaey tu ye itney barrey barrey malls, barrey benglows,aur new modele cars, waley kia karein gey

  9. Nice one its realy a gud effort

  10. hi chum…ist ov all v welldone 4 writing such a thought provking article…..xclnt awsm indeed,,,cngrts 4 writing such a nyc column…

  11. this is a good and simple way to explain the life,however upto some extent the other things are also important.

  12. Its a reality. We can not escaped from it. Those who are not doing the way this column suggest have to do in order to make their life stable. Nothing else can help. Its a big big reality. I believe.

  13. A very fantastic example to to learn how to lead a life….we in reality are running blindly for material things but we do not take care of little things from which we can get more happiness….A very nice column by Naveed Taj Ghuri

  14. Mukhdoom Waseem qureshi

    Ghouree sb impressive but need is to act this rule.

  15. Muhammad Hussain Baloch

    Janab Ch. Sb. ke Alfaz Direct dil or dimagh per asar krte hain. Sada Geo Chaudhry Javed,
    Ap ke waja se boht se logon ko ni zindgi milti hi.

  16. In my opinion a life is completely diffrent from Cup of coffee.Can’t be compared,

  17. well done Naveed sahib…….

  18. Ghouri sb!Please clear the confusion when somebody call u javed chaudhry.though u clearly wrote your own name as per the writer of the above stated column but as u are also the admin of javed chuadhry page on facebook so that’s why most of the people here on facebook believe you javed chuadhry and when u wrote any column most of them belief that the same is written by javed chuadhry.that’s what i personally observed by reading the people comments under your column. So please clear the confusion when some one address u or call u as javed chaudhry. hope u will not be the one who obtain people attention by false personation

  19. truely awesome… we do used to complain complain and complain. What we have we don’t ever see and be thankful to ALLAH rather we see what we don’t have… and when the thing which we have, left us, we used to be in trouble without even realizing the worth of it.

  20. An excellent and simple advise which can make our life easier happy fruitful and help for progress of Pakistan

  21. an excellant and simple advise. a simple and precious rule of a good life.

  22. A salam o alikum
    ghori sahib ap nay aik nay taraqay say who sabaq hamain pher yaad deliya hay jo meray Allah or NABI kay farman hay Hamain sirf dunya main time pass karna hay …zameen or degar tamam siyaroon ko banay arboon saal guzar gay suraj rojana apnay muqaraah time per tlu hota hay or groob ho jata hay ..baat sirf samaj kee hay ham nay masail kudh pada karliya hian ..who loog bhee zinda hain jo jhopdion main rathay hain or who bhee joo mahalat main akhir qabar donoo ke aik jasi …. thanks

  23. Sir, What could be better complement than this that I am saying your writing style is very much like Sir, Javed Ch. Well done. Only if our rulers could think like that and bring simplicity in their lives. We oppose and curse the Indians as much as we want but at times like these we have to look up to them. There prime ministers and presidents drive the cheapest cars available in the market. The cloths they wear are like ordinary people.

  24. Ghouri Sb! Aap Ka Nuqta-e-nazar Apney Jaga Likan daika Jayai Tu Tamam karobar-e-zindagey he Khob se Khob tar ke Talash Mai sargardan Rihnay he k Waja se Jarey hai.Aap zara Tasawar ke jeyai Agar ya sub Jadojehad ruk Jai Tu kia Huga?? Tu Koi Talib-e-aliam first competition Nahi karian gey.sub Maqsaad sirf Pass hona huga yani coffee Na k Coffee ka Cup.Bilkul Isse Tara Koi sarmayadar Industry Nahi Lagayea ga Balkay wu khod Balakay Wu sada sirf life Guzarnay k lia kise asaan se job ka intekhab karay ga. osay kia zarurat hu ge k Sarmaya Lagayea our Apnay sarmayai Pe hakumat ku tax de mazeed yah k mazdor union se larray. achi production K lia achi raw material our well qualified our skilled staff rakay.our Ya sub pappar Bailnay K baad Marketing karay our akhir nafa nuqsan k hisaab kitaab karay. our mazdooro ku bonus dey.
    Ghouri Sb Ya kisay achi Cup k Intekhab he hota hay Ju ke Insaan Ku Mihnaat Pay Uksata hay khoob se khoob tar K talash Pay Amada karta hay. Our yahi waja hay.
    Ghouri Sb!Aap Ya baat Nazar andaz na karian k ya kise achi cup may coffee payne k khwahish he hotey hay ju K Aik Admi ku Mukesh Ambani ,Lakshmi Mittal our Billgates Banatey hay.

  25. Ghazanfar Adnan

    Nice one keep it up mr. ghori

  26. its an old story & u hv fit it verywell .if i were there i would take desi cup bcz i prefer coffee not cup .anyhow a nice sharing.thanx. pay my salam 2 baba ji .(javd sab)

  27. What a gr8 article, may Allah give reward to the writer of this article…
    Very beautiful suggestions…..

  28. Ajj ma be apna ap sa boht ba-zar tha lakin yah parh kar mara sab gila shikwa door ho gai hannn… such a nice column………

  29. nauman arshad kiyani

    dear sir
    thats great excellent

  30. A.o.A
    Ghouri sb Allah Pak ap ko slamt rkhy. aameen
    sir agr hum logo ko ye bat samj a jay tu aj hum dunia ke sb sy ashi qoum hon. lakn badqismti ha k hum sb log asha cup dondty rhty hain.

  31. Good effort Ghouri Sahib. =)

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